How to Create Text with Image Fill From Photoshop Professionally

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Table of Contents

Photoshop’s tools are unmatched when it comes to lightening dark photos or modify certain aspects of the images. At the same time, this program allows you to use filled texts so that the creations are more original.

To comply with this, it is important that you know the correct way to merge text with images. Right in this article we will teach you the whole process to achieve it. This way, you’ll be able to get more out of Photoshop tools and not just insert editable text.

What types of images are recommended for filling fonts in Photoshop?

If you are employed by any of the updated versions of photoshopyou must know the type of images that best fit in the fills of the sources. Thus, the most successful are all those that become vectorial.

Also, you should consider that the type of image will affect the quality of the fillings and if you choose an inappropriate one, the final results may not be as expected. In these cases, it is important that you make sure of aspects related to transparency and the resolution of the photos to be used.

fill fonts with images in photoshop

How to combine more than one image as a fill for a text in Photoshop?

We know you like a lot of images and would like to use more than one as a text fill in Photoshop. All this, you can get if do you use blend modes and the layers of this program. To achieve this, you have to integrate two images independently and combine the assets by duplicating the latter.

So, you must click on the secondary button that appears inside the Layers panel and from there choose the image you want as the background. Next, it is essential that the two images fit perfectly, adjusting their proportions. After you find the right place, you will see how the two images are merged and ready to be attached to the text.

Now the part of create the writing with fill on these merged images it’s simple and you have to select the image and then the ‘Text’ tool which is dotted. Write what you want and click on the option that says Frame, copying and pasting the image. Also, you have to select the blending mode, multiply it once the popup is displayed.

What actions can improve the presentation of text with image fill in Photoshop?

When you merge the images and add the texts of your choice, you can add various effects that will make the presentation more attractive. Within the list, there are shadows, opacity, saturation, among many more.

However, in this section we will talk about the text orientation and anti-aliasing to achieve professional finishes. Keep in mind that in Photoshop it is valid to remove text from images whenever you want.

Modify the text orientation

Modifying the text orientation in Photoshop is very simple, so you must choose your text and click on the option that appears in the panel called Toggle text orientation. Once this is done, you are going to follow this route: Layer – Text – Horizontal. Otherwise, it will be: Layer – Text – Vertical. That’s it.

combine images as fill to use in photoshop from my pc

Apply a smooth

Softening the edge of the text will help you find a neater look, removing edges that look jagged and warp the content. In this opportunity, you have to go to the Text section and in the Layers tab, right click so that the Blendding Options appear.

From there, you are going to activate the options called Stroke, Inner Glow and Inner Shadow and apply them until get the effect you like best in your text.

Why does the fill resolution look fuzzy but the text looks sharp in Photoshop?

The most common reason why fill resolution looks fuzzymust be to the bad focus coming from the digital camera used. Therefore, you have to make sure that the photos to be used have the necessary degree of focus, reducing noise and other negative elements.

Also, you must make sure not to download images from the web that are very heavy or whose format is not compatible with the program. Similarly, Photoshop has various tools willing to correct these errors. Like the filter, unsharp mask, borders and more.

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