How to Discover Who Visits my WhatsApp Profile with WhatsApp Plus?

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WhatsApp Plus has become an application of many, its different functions have made it one of the most downloaded apps in recent years and many people use it today as an alternative to its original application, WhatsApp. Despite what you might think, the app not only has several cool new themes or layouts, but its new enhancements do a lot more than its predecessor can’t.

is completely equal to WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus contains improvements and features that make it a much more fun and useful tool. And what most catches our attention is the possibility of discovering who visits your profile, this article covers all the necessary information you need to know in order to activate this function.

WhatsApp Plus and its function for visits to your profile

It is not necessary to download any extra function to be able to know who visits your profile with WhatsApp Plus, can be easily activated among the options.

Go to the “Contact” section in the options of your whatsapp plus, when the new window appears, search among the options “Show Toast contact”, you must check that option to start using the visits function in your profile. You can also add a notification tone so you know when and who visits your profile, they will appear next to the icon of whatsappplus.

so you can find out who visits your profile on WhatsApp Plus at any time without the need to be using the application, the notification method will inform you when someone decides to visit your profile out of curiosity or for another reason, this if it is up to you to discover it.

How to Find Out Who Visits Your Profile with WhatsApp Plus 2

Now you know one of the improvements included in the application of whatsapp plus, As you can understand, activating the mode to know who visits your profile is very simple, you don’t need to download extra applications or activate nuclear launch codes to allow you to use the new improvement, just press a few boxes and you will have it ready in a few seconds.

The WhatsApp Plus Application not only has this function of knowing who visits your profile, it brings with it many important improvements that you have wanted to have for a long time, they offer advantages when customizing your WhatsApp and not to mention all the emojis and memes that you can send from The application includes a wide variety so that you can use them in your conversations.

Feel free to comment below in the comments, any questions you want to ask.

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