How to use the ‘Frozen Green Screen’ Effect on TikTok From my Mobile?

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The TikTok platform is so used these days, that I always fun new features released. Such as activating the dark mode, placing new filters or adding the frozen green screen effect to the videos to give them a differentiating touch.

And it is that, with the green screen you will be able to move to the place you want without having to put so much effort into the process. So, if you want to have amazing backgrounds on your videos for you to share on Facebook and other social networks, stay with us and learn how to do it.

What should be done to get the freeze frame effect on TikTok?

If the subject catches your attention and you want to start using the TikTok freeze frame effect as soon as possible, you should know that you don’t need to download it. This effect is found within the same functions of the platform and appears in the box that says ‘Effects’ and in the ‘Trends of your screen’ section.

get the green effect on tiktok videos

Keep in mind, that this effect helps you to share videos either using landscapes, movies, celebrities and everything you can think of to create unique visual effects. In addition, you can search for TikTok sounds to get a more professional job, as if it were a Hollywood movie.

How to use frozen green screen effect for the first time?

Before taking your first steps in this task, it is very important that you download the TikTok app and install it on your mobile. Then, it will be necessary for you to follow all these tips to the letter so that your videos stand out from those of the majority of users. In this section, We explain the whole process in detail.

‘Freeze’ position

The first thing you have to do to achieve this original effect is Position yourself on the Effects section and then on Trends. Next, you have to write the word Freeze frame and a series of options will appear on the screen. Therefore, it remains for you to choose the effect you like and save them by clicking on the Add to favorites tab.

create freeze screen with tiktok green effect on my ipad

Then you have to open the home screen and press on the + symbol so you can use the Freeze Frame trend move. Now, you have to click on Record, using the freeze position and pressing on the screen. By doing this, you will appreciate the image in a static or duplicated way.

Choose the ‘Move’ position

On the other hand, you can dance and make moves using the green screen effect on TikTok. To get it, you have to locate the Trends section and write Freeze Frame Challenge. When the users appear using the effect, you have to select the one you like the most so that you can save it with the Add to favorites tab.

Then, you must go to the main screen and press the + symbol so that visualize the selected trend movement previously. It remains that, press on record and locate yourself where you want to start doing your favorite dances or movements. The result will be a very entertaining video that you can share without any problem.

What should be done to edit a video with the freeze frame effect?

If you have already made several of your videos with this highly acclaimed effect, you can edit them to add extra effects give them a more personalized touch. For this, you will have different tools within the Effects panel and in this section we will indicate two simple methods to make your videos come to life and look great.

edit videos with frozen screen on tiktok social network

Using other filters or effects

Once you have your video with the green effect saved, you can edit it by going to the section that says ‘Filters’ and that is within the ‘Effects’ options. From there, you just have to press the + button to load your content and when you get the filter that you like the most, apply it. Finally, you just have to save the video with the changes made.

On the other hand, you have another option that is the effects and that we located in the lower part on the left side of the screen. By clicking on this box, you have at your disposal a wide range of interesting options.

Texts, emojis or stickers

Another attractive option that TikTok offers you to personalize your videos with the green effect are emojis or stickers. To apply them, you have to open the App, locate the video of your choice and press Next so that all the available options appear. On the right side, we observe the box of Stickers and emojischoose the one you like best and press ‘done’.

In case you want to add texts, you have to press the button that says Text and is located next to the Stickers. Then, you just have to customize it by adapting it to the color, font or size you want it to appear on the screen.

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