I CAN’T Open WhatsApp Plus 【 Explanation 】

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When WhatsApp came to the world, it did so in a humble way as a competition for the BlackBerry pin. But today it is the most growling monster in the world of messaging applications. Is almost essential for those who have a smartphone.

But in the beginning it was not what it is today. And we are not referring to its fame or the number of people who use it. We refer specifically to its interface and few options that will make life easier for users. That’s why they came Modified apps like WhatsApp Plus that took the user experience much more seriously. And today we are going to give you the explanation of the why can’t open whatsapp plus anymore.

I can’t open WhatsApp Plus

The famous blue WhatsApp had to hand over the towel. The enormous pressure exerted by Facebook about this application, which reached 40 million users worldwide, was the trigger for its developers to stop promoting it.

A series of legal battles for copyright, temporary and total bans on users who installed it on their phones and a series of threats of various kinds managed to make the little gladiator give his last breaths on the Internet arena.

So if you can’t open WhatsApp + anymore this might be the main answer. It is possible that you are one of those followers who are still trying to use the application knowing the risks that this entails.

Then, if you have the WhatsApp Plus APK file you may still be able to make it work. If you can’t get it to start, you may need to make some corrections on your phone, such as clearing the cache.

Why can’t I launch WhatsApp Plus?

Here are some simple steps that you could try if you manage to run WhatsApp Plus on your smartphone:

  • proceed to uninstall the app.
  • install CCleaner and clean up your Android operating system.
  • Reinstall the file APK and try the app again.

As a second option we leave you the following steps:

  • Follow the following command path from the menu of your cell phone:
    Settings -> Applications -> WhatsApp Plus
  • now you must clear the cache, all data and restart your phone. If you follow these recommendations you should not have any problem when running WhatsApp Plus.

These are solutions that are simple and can work for you. But we must warn you that we are giving them to you since you are surely a romantic who longs for that WhatsApp Plus that made your life so much easier but that has officially ceased to exist.

We must be frank with you and suggest that look for some other alternatives because this application on your cell phone could be a disadvantage instead of what it came to be at the time. This will avoid problems with your WhatsApp account.

In case you want something other than WhatsApp, we recommend Telegram and other similar applications that have many options designed for the enjoyment of people in the world.

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