Learn to Make Video Calls on WhatsApp Web

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WhatsApp users longed to be able to use this application on their PC due to a series of advantages where ease of use and better management of shared files prevailed. They had to use emulators to achieve this, until WhatsApp Web officially arrived. But, is it possible to make video calls on WhatsApp Web?

The fundamental idea of ​​creating WhatsApp Web is have all the advantages offered by the original WhatsApp from a Windows or Apple computer. One of the most useful advantages of WhatsApp is the possibility of to make video calls. We regret to tell you that as of today It is not possible to make video calls on WhatsApp Web.

This means that we have to use the old trick of the emulators to make a video call from our computer using WhatsApp.

In this article we will be presenting you a application that works as an emulator in a simple way. works for him windows operating system and you must follow some steps that will allow you to have WhatsApp with all its official functions on your PC.

Make video calls on WhatsApp on PC under Windows

We already know that WhatsApp Web does not allow us make video calls today so we will need run the original WhatsApp on our computer using an emulator. In the following steps we will be giving you the guidelines to carry out this action in a simple and fast way.

  • Download the application on the computer andryroid: With this application you will already have solved the question of the emulator that will allow you to simulate the Android operating system within your PC under Windows system. It’s like installing an Android phone inside your computer.
  • The next step is configure within this virtual phone your Gmail account in the Play Storejust as you would from any smartphone.
  • Now it only remains download whatsapp on the AndryRoid screen and proceed to activate it with your phone number. With this you can now use WhatsApp just as you would from your normal mobile phone.

You are probably wondering if this is not affects your WhatsApp account on your mobile. effectively it is so. What happens is that when you activate WhatsApp with your phone number, the application is deactivated on your physical cell phone. This will happen every time you use this trick to make video calls. But you should not worry because you can do the same steps to activate your WhatsApp account on your real smartphone without any inconvenience.

Learn to make video calls on WhatsApp from Windows

Already at this point You must do the same thing you do when you make a video call from your normal mobile. For now, this trick is the only thing you can do until the developers of WhatsApp Web include the option of video calls in their menu.

If you know how to make video calls from your mobile phone, then you shouldn’t have any problems making them from your PC. You only have to have your webcam activated with a microphone and you will have a very real experience of talking by video call on WhatsApp from your cell phone.

Learn to make video calls on WhatsApp from your smartphone

This is something that most WhatsApp users already know, but in case you need a guide, we will gladly show you what to do.

To make a video call from your cell phone using WhatsApp you must do the following:

  • First of all you have to make sure have a version of android 4.1 or higher with a stable internet connection, preferably WiFi. The person receiving the call must also meet the same conditions.
  • Proceed to open the chat with the user with whom you want to communicate by video call.
  • Press the camera icon in the top right. This is enough for the communication by video call to begin. In the event of any mishap, it may be due to a connection failure.

If what you want is to receive a video call, here we explain how to do it:

  • In the first place, you may be surprised if you receive a video call on WhatsApp since it may be something new for you because of the sound, the lights and the whole act that is usually different from a normal call. The only thing you have to do is normal button press that appears on the screen and slide it to the side where it appears a green phone icon.
  • Only drop it there and the video call will have already started. The person calling you will appear on the screen and you will appear on theirs. The quality of the video call will depend on the stability of the connection. The duration will depend on you or the amount of data you have. If do not want to receive a video call you just have to slide the button of the incoming video call towards the red side left.

We hope that these tricks will allow you to make video calls while the WhatsApp Web application activates this possibility for us to be able to make them directly.

In case you have any questions You have the possibility to use the comments area to raise any question related to this matter and we will gladly help you.

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