WhatsApp Plus for iPhone – Learn How To Do It

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When mark zuckerberg acquired WhatsApp acquired WhatsApp in 2014 knew of the enormous potential that this network had. Mark has a keen nose for business and it showed when he turned down a $1 billion offer for Facebook early on. But this has not made the competition desist from wanting a piece of the slice of that market, so applications like WhatsApp Plus were born in order to overcome the original monster.

WhatsApp Plus offers a number of advantages over the original that has made many users prefer it. This has not been to the liking of Mark and his executives, which is why they have successfully sued the creators of WhatsApp Plus.

However, this application has managed to avoid the attacks of its powerful rival and even today it is possible to download and install WhatsApp Plus for iPhone or Android (for the latter it has been renamed)

If you are the new owner of an iPhone, surely you want to know how install WhatsApp Plus on your cell phone without any risk. We know that the iOS operating system has its complications, but doing this installation is totally possible and below we will give you all the necessary guidelines so that you can do it without the need for any external help.

First of all, we recognize the interest of people who own an iPhone in having an application as versatile as WhatsApp Plus installed on their devices. The advantages with respect to the original application are obvious although WhatsApp has managed to reduce the gap with recent improvements to its interface.

First things first so next We are going to teach you how to download WhatsApp Plus on your iPhonethat is, for the iOS operating system.

Learn to Download WhatsApp Plus on your iPhone

The first thing is that you must make sure that your cell phone model is a iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6 or 7. These are the iPhone models that accept WhatsApp Plus. It is assumed that for the following versions the application will continue to work, as long as there is no legal problem with WhatsApp.

Another issue to keep in mind is that this application is not an official app, so you will not be able to get it in the Apple AppStore. You’ll need install Cydia which will help you make your goal of having the latest version of WhatsApp Plus on your iPhone a reality.

For install Cydia just follow this link where everything you need for its correct start-up on your iPhone is detailed.

Other considerations to take into account is Jailbreak your iPhone. On this article teach you how do it without complications. In this way you can make installations on your cell phone that Apple would not allow you to do normally.

It is very important to know that you must uninstall the original version of WhatsApp that you have on your iPhone before installing the WhatsApp Plus application. Both applications should not be installed simultaneously on your cell phone to avoid complications.

Let’s summarize the procedure in the following steps:

  1. Make a jailbreak to your iPhone.
  2. Go to the repository of BigBoss and download Cydia. Proceed to install it.
  3. uninstall WhatsApp.
  4. install whatsapp plus.

That’s it. By following this procedure you will not have any complications to start enjoying the tremendous advantages that WhatsApp Plus offers you. If you do not know what these advantages are, we invite you to continue reading.

Why should I use WhatsApp Plus?

If we could sum up in one word why you should start using this app we would say “Personalization“. This is an application that allows you to greatly improve your experience when you communicate through it with other users.

The original version of WhatsApp does not have many customization options of the experience as WhatsApp Plus has. It is true that today this gap has been reduced and that WhatsApp has improved these aspects, but even so, when you use WhatsApp you know that you can have more creative options so that you can better communicate with your family and friends.

Among these advantages we could name you:

  • Send and receive unlimited media files and without the need to compress them. This ensures that the quality of your photos and videos will remain as they were originally made.
  • You have the option of change fonts, colors, sizes and many other details to customize the user interface of WhatsApp Plus.
  • They have added a lots of memes and emoticons very original that will allow you a clearer and more fun communication with the rest of the other users.
  • Disable message receipt notification: Sometimes we do not want the person who sends us a message to know that we have already read or seen that message. For whatever reason, it could happen that this does not suit us for some reason. WhatsApp has the option to disable that option and “watches your back” so that the sender thinks that the message has not been received yet. Thus the verification check will remain gray until you want it.
  • Use hidden mode: If you want the rest of your contacts to think that you are not online, you can program the app to use this option. An alternative to further hide your activities is that you can delete what you did in the last hour of connection. Apparently WhatsApp was created by someone with some couple problems xD. This detail is so great that the original WhatsApp already added it to its functions.

We could continue listing other great advantages of WhatsApp Plus compared to the original. It is true that the latter has copied some innovations from WhatsApp Plus, but somehow the developers of WhatsApp Plus have managed to stay one step ahead to become the favorite of iPhone users around the world.

Every day are studying improvements and new features that have managed to promote this app as one of the best today. Perhaps that is its most important feature.

We hope that this brief description of this versatile application has been to your liking and that it will help you to clear all your doubts and encourage you to install it right now on your iPhone.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to use the comments area to help you if that is the case.

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