How to Strikethrough a Text Within Gmail Quickly? – Configure Format

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Gmail is a electronic communications platform that every day integrates more attractive functions for users, such as sharing files on WhatsApp. That is why people prefer this service over other similar ones. In addition, you can format the texts thanks to the tools that its panel integrates.

Online writing is important and if you are interested in sending several emails at the same time, you must take into account certain considerations. Such as the clarity of the text and the formats to be used. In this article, we’ll teach you the correct way to strikethrough, highlight, or bold text to make it easier to read.

How to cross out elements of a text in Gmail?

One of the biggest advantages of create a Gmail accountis that you can take advantage of all its functions to give value to the texts you write and send to your contacts.

This text roofing option comes from default within the platform, although its current version does not work in the same way. In the same way, we will now indicate two methods that will allow you to use this function without major inconveniences.

cross out elements of the text when writing in gmail from the pc


If you want to strikethrough text in Gmail, you need to do a small modification in Documents and then pass it to the platform. To do this, you have to go to Google Drive and write the ideas you have in mind. Then, you are going to choose that fragment that you want to cross out, by clicking on ‘Format – Crossed out’. Once this is done, it remains for you to copy the text and go to Gmail.

From here, you are going to write a new mail and immediately, you must paste the piece of text you selected. In the event that Gmail is not configured to support formatting, you have to enable a specialized feature. So, go to the section that appears with the three ellipses and click on the check mark next to Plain text mode and you’re done.

With keyboard shortcuts

Gmail has various key combinations that make your life easier. If you want to activate them, you must enter the platform and click on the ‘Settings’ button, scrolling down to the section that says ‘Key Bindings’. It only remains for you to activate them and save the changes.

steps to modify text roofing in gmail

Thanks to this, you will be able to format the text by pressing Ctrl + b in bold, Ctrl + i in italics and the underline with Ctrl + u. In the particular scenario of the strikeout, you must use a G that appears on the screen to highlight precise portions of the text. For this, you must access it by simply pressing alt + shift + 5. Don’t forget, now you can know if they read the mail you sent in Gmail.

Why doesn’t strikethrough text appear when sending from Gmail?

Strikethrough text may not appear once you send it from Gmail, which may be due to to the type of version you are using. Also, you could have the platform configured to send plain text and this causes the email messages to not be displayed with the formats that you applied.

Reason why you have to enable rich text messages through the configuration options with which Gmail account. Make sure to turn on the checkmark that appears in the Plain Text Mode window and try pasting your text again.

What other modifications can I make to a Gmail text?

We know that Gmail is quite versatile and this is why it offers you the opportunity to run more adaptations in order to make them more fluid or emphasis to texts. Therefore, below we will show you the correct way to activate bold or highlight certain fragments along the paragraphs of your interest.

modifications that can be used in the texts of gmail with my pc

bold text

There is nothing simpler than put some sections of the text in bold with the purpose of attracting the reader’s attention to a great extent. Consequently, you must open a new mail via the Compose icon. Now, you are going to choose the A that appears next to the Send option and that will direct you to the text modification alternatives.

Thus, you must select the text to apply bold by pressing B that comes out inside the toolbox. Likewise, it is valid to press the command Ctrl + B on your keyboard.

text highlight

Highlights are an interesting feature that will make the emails you share with your friends more attractive. The first thing you should do is click on Compose and place the text of your choice. Next, you have to select a small snippet and look for the A next to the Send option.

Finally, decide on a background color that you like on the left side of the tools menu and apply it to your text. If what you want is to modify the color of the letters, look at the options on the right side of the menu.

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