How to turn off my PS5 without a controller or with a controller? – Quick and Easy Guide

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Table of Contents

In the case of PlayStation, you can make it turn off in different ways. You can do it from the Command or you can do it without it, that is, you can do it from the same console to make a safer shutdown.

The correct way to do it will depend on how it is done. ends up turning off the PS5 console. Because in certain cases, it can stay on, for that we can learn how the console does not turn off by itself. This way you will not have significant damage

Are there ways to turn off my PS5 without controllers? – Step by step guide

If your controller is unloaded, or you just put it on charge and you want to turn off the console. You can do it from the ports that the PS5 itself has. All PlayStation consoles have a button Power off/on own, so that the user can turn on and off the equipment he wants. And the PS5, a specific time has to be taken into account.

playstation console

To turn off the console. Hold down the Power button for about 2 minutes. This way the console will issue a sound that will indicate that it is turning off. If you leave it pressed for longer, you will be entering the console’s restart mode. Learn how to correctly restart the console in case a game freezes

What is the correct setting to put it into sleep mode? – follow these steps

The PS5 console has many configurations that benefit us. One of these is the sleep mode that they have incorporated. This works the same as the Windows suspend mode, since when activated, the console enters a low battery state. Where it’s only on power up, if you left a game active, you can pick it up and you can configure it.

  • To do this. You must enter the console settings. You can find it on the main screen
  • In the options displayed, go to where it says ‘System’. Within the System options, you opt for the ‘Energy saving’.
  • The sleep mode options will be displayed. One of them is ‘Set when your PS5 goes to sleep’. Here you can indicate, when you want your console to enter sleep mode
  • In the options of ‘Functions available in Standby mode’. You can choose options that favor you if you are downloading, for that the option ‘Stay connected to the Internet’.

how to turn off the ps5 without control

What other ways are there to turn off my PS5?

After spending time on the PS5 console, playing games or doing Settings in the privacy of the PS5. We would like to turn off the console without going to it. To do this, you can do it from the command itself. You just have to, press the playstation button of the control for two seconds, go to the Power option, and choose the option ‘Turn off PS5’, it’s that easy

Control it from your mobile device

The PlayStation company has offered a more convenient way to process in a more fun and unusual way, which has caught the attention of many. And it is that, we can connect our mobile device to the console. Be it Android, iPhone or iPad, we can do it if we have the PS Remote Play apppre-installed on the mobile device

After having the app installed on the mobile, we can enjoy the options that they provide us. To do this, you must always have the updated console. Good quality internet connection, this for better performance. And you must start with the same console account in the app, this way you will be connecting properly

  • You must have the console in sleep mode, with the option of ‘Stay connected to the Internet’ previously active.

console with remote

  • The platform offers you all console options. In the lower right corner will be the power off option if you want to completely turn off the console.

from your tablet

If you want to do it from the comfort of the Tablet, it is the same process. You must download the PS Remote app and install it, adding the same email account as the console and having it in standby mode. But of course, on the tablet screen, it will be showing a slightly different blank controller, but functions remain the same

What problems would I have if I wrongly turned off my PS5?

Problems due to a poor shutdown will be noticeable with the naked eye. The most obvious is that the console takes longer to turn on than usual, or that it simply does not turn on, it is a clear example that the console has a fault. The fan that this console has may also present problems, emitting a very strange sound.

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