How to Use the AirDrop Platform with iPhone and iPad? | Specifications

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Table of Contents

AirDrop is a function which is available on Apple devices, both for Mac and the new MacBook Pro, as well as for iOS, and it works to send and receive, for free, it can be photos and documents, for this you must have an account id Manzana.

This, whose tool is used between Apple phones and computers that are somewhat close. In a nutshell, it is a fast alternative that can allow you to send a file without having to write a text message or an email. With this, we present to you at this time, how to use the platform AirDrop with iPhone and iPad.

  • Go to Settings and then click General.
  • Then touch AirDrop and after that, select an option.

Likewise, you can configure the AirDrop options in Control Centerfor this you just have to do the following: On the iPhone X or models that follow but original non-Chinese, swipe down from the upper right corner of the screen so you can open the Control Center.

learn how to set up your airpods on apple devices

Similarly, you can do it to open Control Center on iPad with iOS 12 or later versions or with iPadOS. On your iPhone 8 or earlier or iPod Touch, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. After that, safely press or long press the network setting tab at the top left corner. So keep AirDrop button pressed and you are going to select one of these options:

  • Receiving disables: This means that you will not receive AirDrop requests.
  • Only contacts: This means that only your contacts will be able to see the device.
  • All: as its name indicates, all nearby devices who use this will be able to view your device.

If the option found selected is Receive Off, then go to Settings, then Screen Time. Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions. Then tap Allowed Apps and there you have to make sure that AirDrop is activated.

why use airpods

How to use AirDrop with iOS devices?

receive files

When a certain person chooses you for send you some type of file by AirDrop You will get a notification, informing you that they are sending you a file. At that very moment you can choose between accepting or not.

Share documents

In the event that you wish to send a photograph from the native iOS Photos app, You will only have to open the App and click on the option to press. Then, among the many ways to share it offers, you must choose AirDrop.

In any of the situations, in which the person sending or receiving the file owns an iPhone 11, or a model after that, then they should put their phones in each other’s direction.

When doing this, the recipient’s profile photo will appear at the top of the screen of the person who is going to send the file. If what comes out is a circle, so to speak, with a red number, this means that there are certain nearby devices with AirDrop enabled.

If you have the individual saved among your contacts, his photo will appear with his name. If you do not have it in your contacts, you will still see it, but only the name of that person.

Where are the sent documents stored?

Any file we receive by AirDropit can be images, movies, photos or anything else, it will be saved in the same place, although in some of the cases, for example, photos can be saved in the Photos App.

What are the recommendations for using AirDrop?

Select your contacts

When you have this open to all people, you are exposing yourself to unknown people sending you anything. When sending something via AirDrop to a stranger, your avatar is hidden.

use your airpods wherever and whenever you want

When sending images by this method, the receiver will be able to see a preview of it without doing anything. Thing for which he takes advantage of these annoying jokes. That is why it is recommended to select our contacts well and turn it off at the right time.

Turn it off when not in use

As we mentioned before, this is very important, because it is not always used with good intentions, which is why this facet is recommended. The perfection of this would be to deactivate it when we don’t have to use it.

What versions of iOS is AirDrop available with?

This is available for those running iOS 8 or later, that said, then it would be the iPhone 5 or the next to these, also for those iPads Pro or iPads Minias well as for iPod Touch.

This platform is the best way to be able to transfer photos, videos or files between many devices, because it is safe and of good quality, if it is used in the correct way, because, if it is used in the wrong way, you could be blocked by some users.

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