Remove Unlock Pattern from a Moto G

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Many people use very interesting functions of smartphones, among which the screen lock pattern stands out because it gives them a great sense of security. The Moto G has this feature and is one of the reasons for its great success among users. The problem is that many tend to forget the pattern they chose and then go like crazy looking for information to know how to remove the unlock pattern to a Moto G.

There is a fairly classic method that will allow you to remove the Moto G unlock pattern. The interesting thing about this trick is that it works for the first generation of Moto G up to the fifth generation Moto G, and even other models of this popular smartphone.

If your cell phone was blocked for some reason and you want to do something right now, you just have to continue reading and apply the steps that we show you below.

How to remove pattern from Moto G

If you did not take any precautions to unlock your cell phone by email or by recording your unlock pattern somewhere, then the only option at this time that we can put at your disposal is apply a Factory Reset. It is not complicated to do this, but we can consider it an extreme solution since you will lose all the information stored on your cell phone.

  1. The first step is turn off your cell phone. Please note that the battery must have sufficient charge (at least 50%).
  2. you press the keys Switched on or Power + Volume Down for a few seconds until entering the fast boot mode.
  3. Within this menu we will move using the volume keys to the option recovery mode.
  4. Choose Recovery Mode by hovering over it and pressing the Power or On key.
  5. The sick Android logo will appear. At that moment you proceed to press the button Volume Up for 15 seconds and press the key again Switched on or Power.
  6. We now choose the option Wipe data/Factory Reset.
  7. You confirm with the button Powerthen you press Yes or And it is and the factory format process will begin, which may take a few minutes.
  8. At the end you choose the option Reboot System Now which will reset your Moto G.
  9. When it works again you will notice that the unlock pattern is no longer there and you will be able to use your cell phone without problems.

Unlock method for cautious people

If you like to take precautions in case this type of problem occurs to you, we will give you the following alternative that has to do with the Android device manager.

Have an account in Android device manager It will allow you to control your Moto G in many ways and you will be able to have great remote control of your device. In case you lose it, you can locate it, sound its alarms or reset a new unlock code or screen pattern if you forget it and cannot access your phone.

If you want to change the screen pattern since you forgot the one you had, you just have to enter your account at Android Device Manager web and provide all the data that the system requests. There it will be very easy for you change old unlock pattern to new one so you will enter without problems to your smartphone using the new pattern.

So if you are a forgetful person then this recommendation is excellent for you. In addition, you will have another series of advantages that will allow you to locate your cell phone in case of loss or theft.

If you have already managed to unlock your Moto G with these tricks, we appreciate you telling us your story to know how your experience has been. Use the comments area to ask any additional questions about it.

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