Why does the Battery of my Samsung J5 and J7 Mobile Take Too Long to Charge or does it not Charge? charging problem

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Since the market launch of Samsung J5 and Samsung J7 It is evident a detail that is presented in regard to the loading process. It is reiterative the amount that is read in blogs and forums the doubts about whether everyone has a hard time charging these mobiles, also if many users download them almost immediately.

To answer on this topic, yes, it usually happens that these devices have this type of problem. The time to achieve a full load on both the Samsung J5 and J7 it is extremely slow. It cannot be said that it is battery-motivated because it has characteristics that suggest a long and lasting charge.

To exemplify the samsung s6 edge, you have a battery that is below both in size and in milliamps. Therefore, it is ruled out that this failure is motivated by some Palencia in terms of the original values ​​of the battery. Similarly, there are other devices with charging problems, and they are not necessarily Samsung.

Samsung phone charging problems

Why is the charging time of the Samsung J5 and J7 so long?

It has already been stated above that it is not something physical about the Samsung battery that causes the charging time to take this long. So some factors that may be affecting the process of both loading and unloading should be reviewed. battery discharge; one is to observe if there is any abnormality regarding the shape of the battery.

Among the most common alterations observed in the Samsung J5 batteries and Samsung J7, they are the bulge of it. If the battery appears as inflated, it is already a reason for change. Sometimes the bulge is not so noticeable, so it should be placed on a flat surface and try to turn it if it is in poor condition.

Another visible fault is in terms of the contacts, those small flat copper pins often form a layer of sulfate due to environmental humidity, which means that they do not really show the state of charge in the equipment. If there is nothing visible, it is recommended to carry out a procedure called calibration.

samsung galaxy j5 j7 charge

How to calibrate the batteries of the Samsung J5 and J7

This type of procedure is valid for any type of device that has a removable battery such as the case of the Samsung J5 and J7. It is a simple procedure as long as the user is not so addicted to stay incommunicado for about 24 hours.

Steps to calibrate batteries:

As an initial and fundamental step, it is to let the mobile completely discharge until it turns off. Here begins a process of standby up to 24 hours so that both the battery and the mobile rest properly.

Now, now the mobile must be charged, but with the particularity that it will be turned off. At the moment and only at the moment be at 100% charge It should be turned on to put it in normal operation until it is discharged again until it is turned off to place it on charge, but this time the mobile will be on.

Why does my cell phone discharge from time to time?

The use to which it is put the mobile determines the time of battery life, but even with little use it is possible to notice how the cell phone is constantly discharged. This type of failure exists in many mobile phones today, it is common and can start with endless situations, some of these are:

  • The USB adapter does not send enough charge to the device, which means that the mobile does not charge completely or nothing is connected.
  • A dirty charging port also prevents contact between the USB port of the mobile and the charger.

Even though they may seem like very simple problems, battery damage can be severe, causing the cell phone to stop working completely and lose all information.

Definitely, the mobile battery it is one of the important elements and therefore it must be taken care of, the good load with the original accessories, clean and in the best condition will avoid much greater damages and without repair. It is important to do a calibration from time to time, this will take care of the life of it.

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