How to Play My Music Library from Google Play Music on Amazon Echo?

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If you have an Amazon Echo, you have a lot of options that, with their great features, will simplify your life. One of them is to transmit music from YouTube or in this case, in a much more personalized way, using Google Play Music’s own library. Where, you can store those songs that you like so much and that with just one click, you can enjoy as many times as you want.

Also, you can download Google Play Music for free to get access to all artists and music most heard of the moment. So what are you waiting for to play your music library from Google Play to your Amazon Echo? Follow our practical tips and you can easily achieve it.

What music platforms are compatible with the Amazon Echo?

Certainly the music services of Google Play Music they go hand in hand with other similar devices. For example, when we ask Google Home to play a playlist or when we use the Chromecast for this purpose.

However, Amazon Echo and Google Play Music are not the best of friends because there is a very strong rivalry between the two. Of course, this does not mean that you can’t enjoy your music on your own because they can work together if you follow a set of guidelines.

play music from google play on amazon echo dot

It should be noted that the platforms most used by Amazon Echo are all those are manufactured by the company itself. Such as: purchased Amazon music, Prime Music service, and Amazon Music Unlimited.

How to listen to Google Play Music on Amazon Echo?

We know that you love listening to music and it is likely that you frequently search for Youtube playlists from their website. if you also want integrate Google Play Music services into your Amazon Echoyou can do it by following the tips and steps that we will provide below.

Play it on my phone and connect it to Amazon Echo via Bluetooth

A very simple option to fulfill this purpose is play google music from your mobile connecting it to the Amazon Echo via Bluetooth. The first thing you have to do is open the Alexa App and access the ‘Settings’ section. You can do it if you press on the three vertical points that appear in the upper left part of the screen.

Now, you must click on the tab that says ‘Device settings’ and then select the smart speaker. Then, you have to go to the ‘Bluetooth Devices’ section so that the option to Pair a new device appears. Then, it only remains that you start playing the Google Music playlist.

play music from my phone to amazon echo

Connecting my cell phone to Amazon Echo with an audio cable

On the other hand, you can succeed in your mission connecting your mobile to Amazon Echo directly from your audio cable. Therefore, you have to pair the audio source by selecting the audio cable of your choice and accessing the Alexa device management panel that you will find by marking the three vertical dots icon.

How do I pair my phone and an Amazon Echo device with Alexa to play my music?

If you want take advantage of the Amazon Echo virtual assistant To play your favorite music, it is important that you pair your mobile with this device. To do this, you can use your Android phone or iPhone by following the steps that we will detail in the next section.

Link my Android phone

Performing this procedure from Android is very simple and you have to enable bluetooth discovery mode and then go to the Alexa application. From there, you will access the tab that says Devices, selecting the Echo and Alexa option.

Now, you just have to choose Bluetooth Device followed by Pair a new device for the changes to be saved to the system. Once this is done, you just have to reconnect and activate the Bluetooth of your Android mobile so that you can play your favorite music on your Amazon Echo.

Pair an iOS device

To comply with this, you have to open the Alexa App and cSet up Bluetooth on your iPhone or some other iOS device. so that available ports start showing. From the Alexa app, you’re going to select the section that says Devices and choose the Echo and Alexa option, followed by your device. Then, it remains that you press on Bluetooth Devices and Pair new device, that’s all.

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