How to Share in my Story a Post from another User on iPhone?

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The theme of stories on Instagram is one of the favorites of thousands of users who cannot live without using this platform. While some people prefer to take screenshots of stories, others prefer share your content with your contact list. That is why today we will indicate all the steps so that you can learn to share these stories from your iPhone.

How to share a post from an Instagram user in your stories?

If you have entered the Instagram App and you have come across an extremely interesting publication, you may want to share it with other users so they can see it too. Fortunately, this platform does not have any type of restrictions when sharing the content that is uploaded on a daily basis. Also, you can put a background image in your stories which adds extra points to Instagram.

Publication of one of your contacts

The first thing you have to do to share the publication of one of your contacts on Instagram in your Stories, is go to the post of your interest. Now, you must click on the paper plane icon that appears at the bottom of the screen to bring up the list of users.

share posts from other users in instagram stories from mobile

At the top, you will see a section that says Create a story with this post. Once you click on it, you will see a box where you can edit the story according to your tastes and preferences and then share it with your contacts.

In case that don’t want others to share your posts, you can go to the settings panel and from there look for the ‘Story controls’ icon. Next, you must click on the shared content option and deactivate the ‘Allow sharing’ box.

Share a post from a public account

In this case, you should make sure that the post to be shared is in the public domain because the instagram privacy rules They can be a bit strict. Next, you should look for the icon that says Send by private message and click on it. Then, you will have to locate yourself in the Add publication to your story section.

Once the edit box is displayed, you will see the post to share and you can edit it if that’s what you want. After making the necessary modifications, you have to mention the account in which you found this content. To do this, you have to use the @ symbol followed by the name of the person or public profile.

Finally, it remains that you enable the button so that the other contacts in your account share the content without problem. To do so, you have to access your profile and in the settings panel, activate the box that says ‘Allow other people to reshare the publication’.

What steps do you need to follow to put an Instagram post in your story?

On the other hand, there are two very useful and versatile forms that you can use to place an Instagram post in your story. Follow these simple steps and use the one that catches your attention the most. Remember that you can also share YouTube videos in your Instagram stories from your mobile.

share posts from a public account on instagram with my mobile

From the direct message icon

To fulfill your mission, you have to position yourself on the Instagram Home screen and click on the Direct Message icon. From here, people can share their content with you or mention you in their stories. If you’ve been mentioned, tap to view the story and then tap Add this content to your story.

By doing this, you will notice that the story is shared as an image and you can edit it as usual. When you finish with the changes, you simply have to publish it as if it were another of your Instagram stories.

Using ‘Add post to your story’

Likewise, you can achieve the whole procedure but adding the post to your story using the Send icon. When you press this icon, you will be able to send the post directly to yourself and then edit it and upload it to your story.

steps to put publications in stories on instagram from the iphone

Once you click on Add post to your story, the editor will open where you can modify its size and general appearance. Note that the image will appear as a sticker which you can modify according to your personal preferences. At the end, all you have to do is press ‘Send to your story’ so that the changes are saved.

How to add stickers or labels to a publication in Instagram stories?

When you call up the direct message or add post to your story options, you’ll notice that you always a box called Story Editor appears and it is from this option that we proceed to add stickers or labels. In addition, you can attach questions, surveys or very funny GIFs that will capture the receptivity of the users.

On the other hand, you can add emojis whose sizes are modifiable in case you want to hide something in the photo that you don’t like. If you prefer, move it around the post, enlarging or shrinking it to make it look more attractive.

As soon as you notice that the photo is ready, you will have to press the Your story option to be added on Instagram.

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