How to Sort my Outlook Emails in Folders or by Date – Complete Tutorial

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Table of Contents

When our Outlook inbox is cluttered and cluttered, you can waste a lot of time trying to find an important message, which could bring us serious complications, to avoid these situations, Outlook has several options that allow you to efficient organization of your emails and make your inbox more organized

How can I sort my email messages?

Outlook mail offers several options to organize messages, the ideal is to choose the one that best suits what you need, either by name, category, date, size, and many more options, we can start by filtering the emails, to do it , we select the filter option at the top from the inbox, then the order by option, and there we select any of the indicated options, according to our convenience.

By date

Outlook mail presents the mails in the inbox according to the date received by default, so you won’t have to take any additional action for your organization.

by sender

If you want to sort the emails received or from a folder according to the sender, you must enter the folder you want to sort, in the column where the received emails are displayed, in the right corner you will see the filter button, pressing it will display a menu, in this we select sort, again a menu will be displayed in which we will mark the sender option, once done they will be presented emails sorted by sender and alphabetically.

login to outlook using tablet

Methods to organize my Outlook emails

use the folders

A useful and visual option to organize your inbox is the use of folders, in Outlook you have two types of folders; the default folders are those that come by default in the program and are part of its basic classification, examples of these folders are: drafts, sent emails, deleted items, trash, spam, etc, and personal folders are those that we create to our liking and with the name we want.

To save the messages in these folders, you only have to drag and drop them onto them. Another option is to mark the message to classify and select the move to option. Once selected, a menu with the existing folders will be displayed.

Assign the categories

Another useful option to organize your inbox is through the use of categories, with these you can make a color classification according to your criteria, to create a category you must select category option found in the row of options at the top of the inbox will display a list of options with preset colors and the options to create a new category or manage existing ones.

create folders to organize your inbox

Templates for your email

A way to save time and increase productivity in your Outlook email is using templates for creating messages to different recipients, to make use of this function we can search for a letter-type message and send it to our email address by editing the personalized information, then we select the file option, we mark save as, We name the file and select the Outlook template option as the file format.

When you need to use this template, you only have to enter the file option, then in new examples, articles, choose form, there we will click on the down arrow to display list of formswe select user templates and we mark the template we want to use, we modify the data and we send.

Conditional format

Using the conditional formatting function, you can create rules that assign custom attributes that can be added to incoming emails automatically making them stand out, some of these attributes can be related to font or colors.

To configure it we will access the file tab, select the option view, conditional formatting, add and put a name that identifies it, selecting the source option we can define the type of format that we want to apply to the letters, such as font type, color, and characteristics such as underlining or bold, once the options are configured we will click on accept, you must bear in mind that a configuration error could harm the use of your email.

configure message forwarding to recipients

How can I create custom folders to organize my emails?

To create a folder you must enter the navigation panel, the column where all the default folders appear on the left of the inbox, go down until you find the new folder option, select it and a blank box will appear where you must enter the name of it.

You can also create it when you select the message to save, mark the move to option, once there the new folder option will appear, when selected it will request the name to place, it is placed and our folder will have already been created and the selected message will have been moved to this one, in case you want to change the name of a folder you just have to select it and right click on it, A menu with options will be displayed. like rename, move, delete and others.

access outlook mail and organize messages

How to redirect my emails to certain folders

We can configure the parameters for automatic Outlook archiving, we enter the file tab, options, Outlook options, configure auto archive, here we select the parameters that fit our needs, you can also use the rules function, these will allow you manage automatically all your incoming or outgoing messages based on criteria you set.

These rules will help you classify the emails to your liking and needwith the advantage that the system administrator does not impose limitations, in this way you can group them, archive them, forward them automatically, and even create a copy of the messages sent, you can also make use of the automatic response option.

To do it select the recipient you want to forward to messages, press the start tab, locate the rules option in the right panel, select it and mark the create rule option, several options will be displayed where you can establish the criteria you want to apply.

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