How to Take a Screenshot of an Entire Website with Google Chrome?

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Currently, Google Chrome is positioned as one of the best browsers on the web. Not only does it allow you to activate voice searches whenever you want, but it also allows you to take screenshots of the web page that interests you the most. The most important thing here is that with this Google tool you can capture not just a small fragment as it is usually done.

For all these reasons, today we will teach you how to capture an entire web page that you can share with your acquaintances. All this, thanks to Google Chrome’s hidden tool that will help you fulfill this purpose in a matter of a couple of minutes.

What do I have to do to have the version of Google that captures in full screen?

resources with those that Google Chrome counts, they’re great not only for turning on automatic subtitles on the pages you visit, but for capturing your entire screen.

For this, previously it was possible to make use of the built-in developer tools within the same browser. Which control various aspects of web pages such as HTML, CSS, among many more.

capture screen in google chrome from my laptop

At this point, it turns out that the latest version of google chrome brings new options inside your panel navigation that enables more detailed screenshots. Where, you can view full proportions and even scroll to different places on the page in question. That said, you just have to appeal for this new version so you can do the full captures.

How to enable screenshots with Google Chrome on my device?

If you want to learn how to use the practical tools that Google Chrome has, you should familiarize yourself with the share menu. Since, from here is that you can capture the screen of the web pages you visit. Of course, first you have to know how to activate the flags and in this section we will indicate all the steps for you to carry out this process.

Set normal and full screenshots

To configure normal and full screenshots with the help of the new Chrome update, you have to activate these features first. To get it, you have to write the following in the Google address bar:chrome://flags. Then, you are going to write Screenshot or with its command in English Screenshot within the same address box.

activate full screen captures in google chrome from pc

Now, the normal screenshot option and the full screenshot option will appear before you. You will have to press on both and then choose the alternative that says Enabled. To finish completing the process, you will need to click on the button that says Relaunch for Google to restart.

Open the browser again

For what the changes take effect and the flags are activated correctly, you have to close and reopen Google Chrome manually. Next, you are going to open any web page that catches your attention and where you want to execute the capture.

Therefore, you will have to access the icon of the three vertical points and click on the Share icon that will appear within the menu options.

With this, we observe the two screenshot options and full screen capture already activated and waiting to start doing their work. Therefore, you can click on the one that interests you, editing and sharing the results with your contacts. Remember that, in Google you also have the possibility to remove the Zoom to navigate more comfortably.

How to edit Google Chrome full screenshots?

Once you learn how to capture full screen in Google Chrome browser, you can edit the content as you see fit. Since, the panel gives you the opportunity to preview the image so that you can cut or draw on it. Also, you can add text or watermarks in case you are going to share it with third parties.

share screenshots in chrome from pc

If you want to carry out this procedure, you have to open Google Chrome and position yourself on the web page that you want to capture. At that moment, you are going to click on the three points that appear at the top of the screen and press on the button that says Share. When the Capture option appears, just tap on it and select Crop, Add Text or Draw to edit it.

Of course, within the editing panel and in the toolbar, you will also appreciate unique alternatives that you can take full advantage of. Such as, draw straight arrows, choose colored fonts or blur the image to your liking Excellent, don’t you think?

How to share my full screenshots on other social networks?

To share the screenshots and full screen on social networks, the first thing you should do is edit them with the procedure that we teach you in this article. As soon as you have made all the modifications, all you have to do is press Done so that the image is saved.

From here, you will have several saving options either through local storage or in your favorite Google + account. If you wish, you can select some file format to save the images and that it fits perfectly to the social networks where you intend to share these screenshots.

Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others; sharing them under the parameters established by each of these platforms.

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