How to use your Gmail Mail without Internet Connection? – Activate Offline Mode

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Table of Contents

Gmail is today the most used email platform on a daily basis in the world, through it we can send attachments through Gmail very easily and without problems. But this wonderful tool has something that many do not know and that is that you can answer, read or search messages without having an internet connection.

Of course, you have to make certain settings such as closing your active sessions or changing your password. In this article you will learn how to set your Gmail to offline.

How do I configure Gmail to be used without an internet connection?

To use your Gmail account offline from your computer or phone, you must do the following: corresponding settings. We will show you how to do it shortly.

From the mobile app

The Gmail app for phone no longer has offline service, but you can still access your mail offline from the browser. Pay attention to the specifications that we will give you in the next subtitle and put them into practice in the Chrome browser.

Use Google Workspace

These are the requirements for Gmail to work offline with Google Workspace. First you must have the newest version of the Chrome browser, you must keep Gmail open in a Chrome tab. You need to enable Gmail offline in the console administration, we will detail it for you right now. This process consists of four steps:

google workspace logo

  • 1st step: you must log in google admin console. When you open this section you will go to Applicationsthen Google Workspace click on gmaily after in user settings.
  • 2nd step: go to Gmail on the web offline. There press the box Enable Gmail on the web offline. Click on save. Users who want to be added to Gmail offline need to enable the feature in Gmail settings.
  • 3rd step: look for the icon setting in the inbox. Click on Without connection. Enable offline mail by checking the box.
  • 4th step: for security, check one of the following options in which you will indicate what will be done with the content Without connection.
  • Keep data offline on my PC: this will allow you to keep the data stored on your computer, in case you want to delete them you just have to disable this offline mail and save.
  • Delete offline data from my computer: This way your data will be synced with your PC when you log in to Gmail again.

Keep in mind that these two security functions will only work if the administrator enables us the option of remove offline content when one of the users logs outthose users cannot change this setting.

Add to favorites for offline use

So you can bookmark your offline email for quicker access and less time wasted.

  • Open in Chrome the inbox in gmail.
  • In the address bar and tap highlight so that it is added to the favorites.

viewing something offline

How can I update old messages in Gmail offline mode?

If you want update messages Older users using Gmail offline you must follow these guidelines so that you can achieve it:

  • Go to this page chrome://apps/.
  • Tap offline Gmail.
  • On the right in the upper corner, click on the configuration icon.
  • In the part of “Download the mail of the last weeks”, there you will select if you will download those of the last two weeks or the last month.

What are the main problems when using Gmail offline?

Although this tool is very useful, it usually has certain faults that are not complicated to repair here we will detail what they are and how to repair each one of them.

Offline mode stopped working

This service works only when Gmail Offline is in a tab, to open it again make sure there is no other tab with Gmail open. By disabling offline mail by the administrator, none of the users will be able to use this feature.

Sudden app closure

on screen apps

If you need to repair the sudden closing of the application, what you should follow in the instructions that you will see below:

  • Go to the browser and choose More toolsand later Clear browsing data.
  • Click the box browsing history click on Delete data.

Gmail offline won’t open

  • For this inconvenience, the same steps of the previous process are applicable.

Lack of storage space

If your email already has a lot of files, go to settings and uncheck the box Download attachmentsin this way you will reduce the storage to seven days only.

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