What is Carbon Copy CC and what is it for?

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Table of Contents

Nowadays all organizations have corporate email accounts to remain communicated and with up-to-date information at all levels. In this way you can better track all the activities that are carried out.

However, within organizational hierarchies there are people who need to be informed of a certain situation without them having to make a decision about it and that it is not convenient to place them as the main recipient of an email.

screen to send emails and carbon copies

What does CC or Carbon Copy allow?

When writing an email in the upper part and below the line corresponding to the recipient, you can see the ‘CC’ function which stands for ‘Carbon Copy’ and it is the virtual equivalent in emails of a carbon copy of a physical document. In the carbon copy space you can place the email addresses of people who need to know the information you are sending, but who do not take immediate action or do not require a response from you.

The person who is placed as a carbon copy will receive the email that we have sent, but they are not the one to whom the letter is primarily addressed. This function is displayed and recorded in the mail header, as well as the people we have placed so that the mail arrives in this condition.

How do you send emails without all addresses being visible?

In the previous lines we learned how to send duplicates of an email to a particular person, but it will appear in the header of the email that it was sent, however there is the possibility of sending an email without all the addresses to which it is sent being visible.

carbon copies in emails

This can be done using another function similar to carbon copy ‘CC’ which is called ‘blind carbon copy’ (BCC). in which the emails will not show the information of the addresses to which it was sent, as long as said addresses are placed in the line corresponding to this premise.

How can blind carbon copy or CC be designated?

If you wish set carbon copy or blind carbon copy of a certain email, the first thing you have to do is ask yourself, does the person you want to add need to be informed or does he have to participate in the response to the email? If that person has to make a comment regarding the email, it is likely that you will have to place it on the primary recipients of the email and not as a carbon copy or blind carbon copy.

If the answer is negative then we can move on to the second step which is to choose whether to place that contact as ‘carbon copy’ or ‘hidden carbon copy’. If we want that the recipients know to whom we have sent the information apart from them, select the ‘carbon copy’ option. If we want to protect the identity of this contact, the ideal is to place it as a ‘hidden carbon copy’.

Then we are located at the top of the mail and just below the field where the mail recipient is placedwhich is usually preceded by the word ‘To:’ you can see the fields for ‘Carbon Copy’ which is preceded by the acronym ‘CC’ and the one for ‘Blind Carbon Copy’ by the acronym ‘CCO’ respectively.

Place the email address to which you want the copy in question to arrive according to the parameters that you established previously, this is done in the same way that the recipient of the mail is placed (by typing the email address or searching in the contact book). And ready when sending the mail to the recipient, a copy will be sent to the address selected by you.

What are the main differences between a CC and a CCO?

The main difference between a carbon copy (CC) and a blind carbon copy (BCC) is, that the email addresses to which the copy is sent whether or not they are visible to the recipient(s) of the mail. You can see them in the carbon copy. Unlike the second, in which the people to whom a copy of the email was sent do not appear.

The level of protection of the addresses placed as ‘Blind Carbon Copy’ (BCC) is higher than that of the simple ‘carbon copy’, since in the latter anyone who reads the mail can be seen in the header.

mobile mail icon to send copies in mail

What are the benefits of hiding the BCC from multiple emails?

The use of blind carbon copying is particularly useful for compromising situations in which it is advisable to protect the identity of the people to whom the email has been sent or in which it is necessary to record the sending of the mail, either because they have questioned our word or some other type of situation.

It also helps us protect our accounts and those of our contacts from spam, as it prevents them from being exposed and used for sending spam.

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