Why are Friends’ Stories on Instagram Green? – Best Friends List

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Table of Contents

Social networks are very important today, especially Instagram, since many people use it. This app has a very special function called best friends list. Here we will explain what this list is about and how you can add and remove output profiles.

What is the main purpose of the list of best friends on Instagram?

The Instagram app has many features that are very helpful. One of the features that this app has added is the best friends list. In this list you can place the people you trust the most so that they can see certain content that you post in your account.

The main objective of this function is to protect your Instagram privacy, but showing the things that you consider private to the people who are included in said list. Usually when add someone to this listthey consider that they are worthy of a certain trust on your part for allowing them to be on that list.

For that reason, you need to create this list. In this way, you will be able to add stories to your Instagram account and when sharing them you will be able to choose the public that will be able to see it, either for all types of public or only for those who are in your best friends list.

person using instagram on mobile

How can you know who has you on their list of best friends?

Obviously, knowing what this best friends list is about, you’ll want to know which of the people you follow have you added to it. best friends list.

Normally, when you are added to this list, you are not notified and you can see it on that person’s profile. You will only know when that individual adds a story. There is only one way to find out if you were added to this list and that is through stories.

When a story is added to Instagram and you haven’t seen it, it’s surrounded by a rainbow halo. But when added to the list of best friends, this halo will appear green. Therefore, you will know that you have been added to the best friends list of that person.

This is the only way you’re going to be able to check that you were added to someone’s Instagram best friends list. You can use this list of best friends as a filter for people when adding your stories so that only those who are on it can see them

Where can you see the list of your best friends on Instagram?

If you have already created this best friends list in your Instagram account and you want to see it or you want to edit it, you will only have to do what we will indicate, depending on the device with which you are accessing your Instagram.


In the Android App

On Android phones it’s easy find best friends list because it is not hidden. You will only have to enter one or two sections of the application for you to find it:

  1. You’ll open the Instagram app on your phone and tap on your profile picture in the bottom right.
  2. Now in your profile you will tap on the 3 lines that are at the top of the screen and press on settings.
  3. Here you will slide until you find the account option and press it.
  4. Finally, you are going to press the option called best friends. Here you can see the people you have added to this list.

with iOS

If the case is that you have an iOS system device, be it an iPhone or an iPad, you can also see the list of best friends. For that, you must follow these steps:

  1. You will open the Instagram app on your cell phone. Then, you will have to tap on your little profile picture that is also at the bottom
  2. Now, you will touch the three points that are above and you will enter configuration
  3. Finally, you will enter accounts and then become best friends. There it is that you will be able to see all the friends that are added in said list

guys using instagram on pc

From the website

Lastly, in the Instagram website you will also be able to find your list of best friends to see who are the ones who are aggregates in it. To see it on the website, you will have to follow these instructions:

  1. You will open the Instagram website and log in with your data.
  2. Now on the main page you will click on the profile picture that is in the upper right corner.
  3. Already in your profile you will click on the 3 lines that are above the right side.
  4. Finally, you’re going to press on best friends. That way, you’ll be able to look at your list.

How to add and remove a person from your best friends on Instagram?

just as you can add people to this top list friends of Instagram, you will also be able to delete them or add others. Therefore, we are going to be teaching you how you can do it. To remove or add a profile to the list of best friends on Instagram you must do this:

  1. Open the Instagram application from your cell phone and you will enter your profile by touching the photo at the bottom of the screen
  2. Then, already in your profile, you will press the three lines of the upper part and you will play in ‘Best friends’
  3. In that section, you will see the ‘+’ icon at the top, which you will tap on. Afterwards, you will be able to choose the profiles you want to add to your list of friends and you will save the changes by clicking on done
    1. If you want to delete a profile that is in this list, you just have to press the delete button next to the name of the profile.

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