How to Correctly Reboot your PS5 if it is Frozen? – Solve the problem

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Video games have brought a new way of enjoying our time, the possibility of enjoying stories not only from the point of view as spectators. Being able to enjoy fantasy worlds with equally incredible powers isn’t so crazy anymore, thanks to the power of video game consoles.

The development and implementation of new technologies in these consoles has made us go from games with 2D aesthetics to being incredibly realistic. However, these new generations of consoles are not perfect machines and may be subject to present failures such as the freeze of the screen.

For what reasons does a Play Station 5 console freeze?

The number of console engineers and designers are often not enough to eliminate all the errors that can arise from them. One of these common errors is the freeze of the consolewhich can occur while you are in the main menu or while we are playing:

  • It is possible that the firmware of the console is not up to dateso it may conflict with games that are able to work later than some versions.
  • During the installation of the game on our PlayStation Network account, it is possible that a file has been corrupted or some error has been generated.
  • If we have activated the Standby, increases the risk of the console to suffer a freeze. This is due to an internal bug in the console that tends to block functions and cause a freeze.

restart your ps5 console if the game freezes

How do you restart or force shutdown a PS5 if it’s not responding?

Although we have identified the reason why these problems occur, it is important to take into account how we should act in the event that it happens to us. The best option is to force the console to shut down, which we can do with these methods:

with command

If we want to turn off the console without going directly to it, we can do it with the help of the command. To do this we will press the PS button in the center of the command, and we will select the option to restart.

If you don’t have control

In the event that the screen does not even respond to the command and we do not have any type of access to the menu, we will have to do it from the console. We achieve this by going to the console and pressing the power button until you hear a beep.

How to rebuild your console database from ‘Safe Mode’ to prevent errors?

At this point we already know why the error occurs on our PS5 and what is the first action we have to perform. But here comes an important point and that is that we can lose all save data if we do not do a proper procedure to restore the menu of our PS5.

for a correct restore data within our console we will have to apply a process called database reconstruction. We will have to apply this process in the following way:

  • We will start from our forced PS5 when we turn off what we will turn on holding down the power button until we hear a beep, then we will continue pressing until we hear a second beep that indicates the activation of the safe mode.
  • Once the menu has started in safe mode, we will connect our controller to the console using the USB cable.
  • We will press the PS button on the controller, which will open the PS5 menu, where we will proceed to look for the option to rebuild Database and select it.
  • We will click on accept and We will wait until the process is complete.

You can also factory reset your console

What to do if PS5 freezes when playing a specific game?

As we mentioned above, there are cases where the freeze issue only occurs in a specific game and is usually caused by an incorrect installation. The only way to fix this problem is to remove the game from the PS5 menu and reinstall it again.

How to reset your console from ‘System’ to fix problems?

In case we have not been able to solve the Freeze screen problem in any way, there is always the safe option for any electronic device and it is factory reset. To access this function and configure our PS5 we just have to follow this method:

  • We turn off the console with power button until you hear the beep.
  • We proceed to turn it on, but keeping the power button until you hear 2 beeps.
  • We connect our PS5 controller using a USB cable.
  • With the controller, press the PS button.
  • We go to the systems section in the menu and press the option Reset PS5.
  • Once this is done, we just have to wait for the process to complete. If you have any problems, contact Playstation support.
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