How to Customize Control Center on PlayStation 5? – Setting

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Table of Contents

With the arrival of PlayStation 5, we have seen that the console has undergone a change in its appearance. But not only on the outside, but also in the software. One of the implementations that was improved was that of the Control Center.

In this we can make use of the amount of functions that it provides us. For example, you can play your favorite songs while you are playing a game, or you can see the different notifications that are arriving on the console. That’s why today, we will teach you, how customize your Control Center The best way possible.

What are the elements of the PS5 control that can be modified?

In the control center there are many functions in which you can highlight the privacy settings within the console. But many of these functions and elements found here can be modified. Therefore, only some can be tuned for better performance and others cannot be.

play console with white controller

One of the functions that cannot be modified is the ‘Notifications’ section that is at the enter the Control Center. This is one of the most important functions, and it is practically immovable in this aspect. Like the shutdown and command options that are there for us.

However, these are not the only ones that we could not modify. with the arrival of this new option called ‘Chooser’ that was added to the console, it is unlikely to move and modify this function by anything we do. This function will give us the option of changing the games and applications saved on the console every time we enter the control center.

How can you access the control center of a PlayStation 5?

To access the control center is not difficult at all, since with the use of the command we can do it. You will only have to use the PS button that resides on your DualSene controller. With which you can customize your PlayStation DualSense controller.

In this way, a bar with the multiple options that this control center will be providing us will be opening at the bottom of the screen. Automatically, the game will be pausing at the exit of this bar to allow you to use the various functions that we have availablesuch as:

  • Go to home screen.
  • Use the ‘Chooser’ option to switch between games or applications.
  • View notifications from games or other apps.
  • View your list of friends added to the PlayStation.
  • Play music from Spotify or download and pin them with the console.
  • Make streaming videos either through the Twitch or YouTube platforms.
  • Multiple options in the ‘Accessibilities’ section. With which to invert the colors, correct them, change the size of the text, among others.
  • See the options of Network, sound and the microphone that the console has.
  • See everything related to your account on the console.
  • Enter the Power option in which we can enter the console sleep mode, power off and restart the team when we want it.

Among all these options that we will have at our disposal, every time we enter the control center the control center will be showing some cards with the challenges that you have not yet completed of the game.

playstation logo with headphones

What steps must be followed to customize your PS5 control?

After you have entered the control center, you can modify some of the functions that reside there. You can remove, add or delete some of the functions that are available. The functions that you can delete and remove are the Game Base, Music, Broadcast, Accessibilities, Network, Sound, Microphone. To customize this, you will need to do the following:

  • Enter the menu of control center by pressing PS on the DualSense controller
  • being inside, We will go to the Personalization part. This will be located in the lower right area of ​​the bar
  • By clicking there, we can move from left to right and vice versa the multiple options that are there.
  • By dragging the function down, we can make it go into hidden controls. In this wayonly you will be able to see these functions of this type.
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