How to Deactivate the Bluetooth of your Controller on a PlayStation 4? – Solution Here

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One of the best video game console companies of all time has been PlayStation. This brand has always been careful to offer the best performance on their consoles and allowing them the support to install the free software update on PlayStation 4.

On this internet platform you can play online with other users all the games that are available there. Of course, this platform is paid and in case you breach the psn terms of service they can get to ban you for a few days.

This time we will only show you how to link your DualShock4 controller to your computer or phone with Android and iOS system.

How to deactivate the Bluetooth of the control of your console in a simple way?

In case you have already used your DS4 controller on a device other than the PlayStation 4 console and want to turn off the controller’s Bluetooth, you won’t have to do anything fancy, just press the buttons Compartir and $ at the same time. When you see the LED light on the controller start to blink, it means that Bluetooth has already been disabled.

By deactivating the Bluetooth of the controller you will be able to use it in wireless mode. This mode is different from Bluetooth as it works via WiFi connection.

How to connect your controller back to the PS4?

ps4 controller

Since you have used your PS4 controller with another console or device, it is clear that you have had to unlink it from your console. To use the control again on your console you will only have to turn on ps4 console and connect the controller via USB cable to the console. After you plug it in, just press the PS button and when the controller’s LED light turns blue, it’s paired again.

One of the best features that the Play Station Network site offers you is that it allows you to create and log out of PlayStation Network. In this way, you can start from scratch in the adventures for thousands of video games that you can know. With the PS4 console you can take advantage of the potential of this network.

What are the devices from which you can play using the controller of your PS4?

One of the advantages of PS4 controllers is that they are compatible with a lots of console devices and computers regardless of the operating system and that you can use them without any problem in the buttons or failures in the connection. Here we will show you which devices and computers you can use your DualShock 4 controllers on.

With your Android phone

It could be said that one of the most used systems in the world thanks to its compatibility is Android. And in case you want use your DS4 with your cell phone Android there will be no problem, only that you will be able to connect it with version 10 or later of this system.

android phone

To do this you have to take your PS4 controller and make sure that it is not connected with the USB cable to anything and that the LED light on the controller is off and if it is not leave the PS button pressed until the light is off.

Now, you have to press the Share button and while holding it you will also press the PS button until the moment when blink led light of control.

After doing this process, grab your phone and slide the notification bar from the top of the screen and look for the bluetooth icon and you will leave it pressed until it opens this section. There you will activate it and place it in visible mode so that it can be found by the control.

Then you will only have to link them, in case you are required an access pin for the command this will be “0000”, after this you will see that it will have a fixed color and you will be able to use your DS4 control with your Android phone.

From iOS 13

In case your device is an iOS system, you can do this to use the remote on your phone, but this option will only be available for iOS 13 system onwards.

You are going to grab the DS4 control, in this case you will press the PS and Share button and leave them pressed until control light flashing. Flashing means pairing is already activated.

iOS phone

Then enter the Bluetooth option on your iOS system phone and you will activate the Bluetooth, then you only have to touch search for devices and choose the device called Wireless control.

Play on your iPadOS 13

If you are going to use this kind of controls with your mobile device and this is iPadOS, you will not have to worry because you think that they will not be compatible. In case you are going to use it on your device you have a great advantage since the process to link it to your phone is not complicated at all. You will only have to follow the steps that we show you in the case of iOS. As they are devices from the same company, the steps will not vary at all.

On your macOS Catalina

Now since most of the people like MacOS system they might want to use their PS4 controllers with their computers. Therefore, to connect them you can use the same procedures as with the iPhone iOS system, which are found in this article. You may be able to sync or connect the controller to your PC whenever you want and need it.


The last of the devices to connect your DS4 is the TvOS13. In this you will have no problem connecting and using this command. To connect it, press and hold the PS and Share buttons until the control lights start to flash. Then activate the Bluetooth of your TvOS13 and search for available devices until The one called wireless control appears and click on that.

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