How to Find your Lost AirPods from your Mac or iPhone? – Location

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Table of Contents

Did you know Airpods have a variety of functions that only listen to music? Through them you can answer a call, you can fast-forward a song or rewind it. You can also connect with Siri and launch it with voice command.

In case you are lose these devicesyou can set it with the help of your iPhone so you can easily find them. This is because these gadgets have extensive connectivity.

To find your AirPods you must set them up with your phone with the option ‘Find on a device’. You can use this application on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. For optimal performance, it is recommended to log in with your Apple ID account.

use the find app to locate your airpods

Also, if you experience any other type of problem, you can restart your AirPods to fix those bugs that can sometimes occur and thus continue to enjoy these devices.

with your mac

To find your missing AirPods from your Mac computer, you must Sign in to ‘Find My iPhone in iCloud’. This application is used to geolocate devices that you have lost. Of course, you should know that they have to be paired for the search to be possible. Follow these steps so you know the procedure:

  1. You must first enter the iCloud platform and select the option of Search my Iphone‘. Then you will click on the option ‘All devices’ and select the AirPods.
  2. Then, if you find your device, its location will appear on the map
  3. In case you can’t find your AirPods, it will appear as Disconnected‘. But all is not lost, as there is an option you can select called ‘Notify me when found’. If this happens, you will receive an email with its location.

on your iPhone

Remember that you must log in with your account ID and use the ‘Find on a device’ app. Now follow these steps so that you can find your lost AirPods:

  1. You must first have updated latest version of your phone, so that you do not present any problem when entering the application.
  2. Then you will open the application Find
  3. Then you will select the option Devicesand select the option AirPods
  4. When you are within the option of AirPodsit’s going to show the locationand just like that you can find your lost devices.

from your mac or iphone you can locate your airpods

What should you do to play a sound on speaker to find your Airpods?

There is a possibility to find your AirPods in an easy and fast way. But in this case so that a sound can be played from the application Findthe device must be connected via Bluetooth and must be close. Follow these instructions for this purpose:

  1. First you need to open the app Find
  2. Then you will select the option Devices
  3. Then, you are going to select the AirPods option and you are going to press on ‘Play sound’. This way it is configured that the sound is played when finding your AirPods.

How to locate your AirPods if they are disconnected or without battery?

When your AirPods are out of reach, in the AirPods app Find, shows as ‘Offline. The least that can appear in the application is the last location where you used them. In case the devices come back online, you receive a notification with their current location.

turn on lost mode to make it easier to locate your airpods

As a curious fact, you can change the name of your AirPods and somehow personalize it when you pair it with your iPhone. You can also customize the settings of your AirPods and thus take advantage of each of the functions offered by the device.

How to find your AirPods with lost mode? – iPhone and iPad

You need to have activated lost mode on your AirPods, because with this option activated it is easier to find them. That is, you can make the configuration to share your phone number or email, so that the person who finds them sees the information you have placed. Next I will show you how you can activate this option:

  1. You are going to open the app Find
  2. Then you will select the option Devices and are you going to select the ‘Airpods’ option
  3. Then, you are going to click on the option to mark as lost and click on Activate
  4. Finally, you are going to put the information that you want to be displayed on the AirPods and select again the option of Activate.
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