How to Rotate a Video from my PC without Downloading Programs?

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Videos once exported to a pure format can no longer be edited unless used online programs or tools to make changes to them. There are a couple of online tools that can be used to edit or modify videos that have already been exported to a specific format.

With the online video editing tools it is possible to rotate or rather flip the style of the file. Later, we will show you how to flip a video online using a computer, how to rotate a video using Mp3Care, how to rotate a video with Movie Marker, and more.

What should be done to flip a video online on my PC?

In the case of cell phones, everyone knows that to modify a video you have to download an app to help you with this kind of thing. In the case of computers, it does not turn out to be the same. While it is true that you can download video editing software, you can also move on to video editing without downloading software.

This is possible through the online modification tools for videos. There are hundreds of such tools that you can use to rotate videos and do a few other things. But the best websites out there to do such kind of editing are ‘Video Rotate’ and ‘Rotate video Free’.

people using pc

The use of tools such as those mentioned is increasing every time because nothing needs to be installed and it is possible to do things like cut videos.

for you to have some degree of learning about how videos are rotated with ‘Video Rotate’ and also with ‘Rotate Video Free’. We are going to show you how to rotate videos with these tools.

From ‘Video Rotate’

Rotate the look of a video using the ‘Video Rotate’ is something really simple. For this you only have to do everything that we will mention in the following process:

  1. turn on your computer
  2. Open the web browser
  3. Access the Video Rotate website
  4. Being there, you are going to select to place the link of the video or else you are going to select the option ‘Select file’
  5. Choose the format in which you want that video to be exported
  6. Mark the rotation you want for that video
  7. Finally, choose the encoding and click ‘Start’ to carry out the video rotation

The good thing about using this video rotation tool is that you do not have to pay absolutely anything to change the orientation. In addition, this platform turns out to be quite easy to use and there are not many things to configure to rotate the video you want.

a quick way to rotate video from computer

On the other hand, it is good that you know that with the YouTube video platform, there is a way to position each of your videos at the top. These kinds of things will help you in a great way when it comes to the growth of your channel.

Using ‘Rotate Video Free’

The other tool that can be used to rotate a video is one called ‘Rotate Video Free’. To rotate a video using ‘Rotate video Free’, you have to:

  1. start your computer
  2. Open web browser
  3. Access to
  4. Look for the ‘Rotate video’ section
  5. Then, go on to choose a file
  6. To finish, adjust what has to do with the rotation of the video and start the changes

This is the way you are change the rotation to a video when using ‘Rotate Video Free’. It should be noted that when you finish modifying the rotation of your video, you can go on to see how videos are transferred from your computer to your mobile and vice versa.

How to rotate a video from the ‘Mp3Care’ website?

you have seen before how to rotate the image of the videos with two very good online tools. What we are going to show you now is how a video is rotated using Mp3Care:

  1. turn on your computer
  2. Open the browser
  3. Go to Mp3Care
  4. add the video
  5. Adjust the degree of rotation that you want it to have and transform the video

person working on pc

How to rotate a video from Windows Movie Marker?

Apart from Mp3Care, there is a program called Windows Movie Marker. This can be used to turn or to rotate the orientation of a video. This is what you have to do for a thing like this:

  1. turn on your computer
  2. Open the web browser
  3. Download the program Windows Movie Marker on some reliable website
  4. Then install that program on your computer
  5. Next, add the video you want to rotate
  6. Scroll to the top to select the ‘Rotate Video’ option
  7. Choose the orientation you want
  8. To finish, just go to convert the project and that’s it

How to download a rotated video from Windows Movie Marker?

The videos that you edit in Windows Movie Marker do not need to be downloaded, since all the changes are made from the program on the computer. To acquire the final results of the video that you have rotated, you only have to convert it and that’s it.

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