How to Send a Message Within Fortnite? – Messaging Uses and Tips

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One of the most striking features of today’s video games is the possibility of communicate with participating players in it through text or voice messages and the creation of chats within the game or using a VOIP messaging server for games such as Discord, TeamSpeak, Mumble or Ventrilo.

What are the benefits of using Fortnite messaging?

Fornite is a game that has a long history in the market and has been adapting to the new multiplayer game schemes, in this case it is about communication between players, a very important point if we want to win a game. Fornite presents three options to communicate with other participants, direct chat with a friend, text messaging and voice chats with the players in the match.

Among the benefits offered by using the Fortnite messaging service is the possibility of using the game servers closest to your country, with this we will reduce connection slowness problems, so communication will be much more fluidwe will also have direct access to messaging without having to install another additional server.

participate in voice chats in fortnite

How can I configure the messaging options in the Fortnite video game?

To configure the different chat options in Fortnite, we will start by entering the options menu located in the upper right corner of the screen from the computer, when the menu is displayed we will access the configuration optionin the list that is displayed we scroll to the end, where the chat options will appear.

Once there you can configure the chat button, the default is the return button, in the same way you can change the quick chat button and the push to talk button, additionally voice chat volume can be adjusted and other audio options from the audio tab in the same menu, you can also choose configure group and voice chat options from the game room.

What procedure should I follow to send a message to a friend in Fortnite?

Epic Games has incorporated different messaging options within the Fortnite game so that players can have better communication with each other to win the game, too has incorporated a series of parental controls that can be configured during the games and that regulate communication under certain parameters.

for voice messages

To send voice messages and start a chat with the members of our party we must enter our Fortnite account, once the game starts we will select our list of friends in the icon next to the options menu, here we can select send the message to one or several people, in the case of wanting to send it to a single person, we select the recipient from our list of friends and press the whisper option.

set up text and voice messaging fortnite

We can also invite several people from the group by pressing the button voice chat and proceed to speak into the microphonewith this our team will listen to us immediately, voice messages are very useful during a game since they arrive instantly.

If you want to activate the parental controls in the Fortnite voice chat to define if you can participate in that voice chat, if you leave it active you will be able to hear the companions and speak to them using a microphone, while if you deactivate it they will not be able to hear or speak with fellow players.

for texts

To send text messages to companions we enter a game using our Fortnite account, we will enter our friends list and select him or the participants to whom we want to send the messagewe write the message and send it, group messages can be sent to four participants at once.

Parental control settings can also be made for text messages in Fortnite as in voice messages, if you keep it activated you will be able to receive and send text messages, while if you deactivate it you will not be able to interact in this messaging.

parental controls in fortnite messengers

What other communication tools does Fortnite offer us?

In addition to the voice and text chats that Fortnite offers with access from PC and game consoleEpic Games has incorporated a new communication function to be used on mobile.

Fortnite Party Hub

Party Hub is the new communication tool that has been incorporated to the Fortnite platform by Epic Games, it is a mobile application that is available in the application stores, in which you must have an account.

If you do not have it, then you will have to create your Google Play account beforehand, then you will be able to download your application without problems, to use it you only need download and install it before starting the gamethis application only has voice chat for now.

We can use this tool before starting a game and even during it. Party Hub is a mobile-exclusive featureso you must have a mid-range team to be able to use it and have Fortnite for mobile installed.

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