What are the best offline war games for Android and iOS?

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Mobile games are constantly getting better than ever and the thrill of playing these on your phone or tablet is close to what you get on a game console.

There are many you can play on your device, from strategy, shooter and RPG, even when you don’t have WIFI or Internet connection.

Discover other awesome offline games:

Top best offline war games to play in 2019

Modern Combat 4

The Modern Combat series is one of the best games available for smartphones. The fourth installment is a Shooter first-person shooter that tests the limits of smartphone gaming more than ever.

in a nuclear waryou and some soldiers are tasked to take down the terrorist groups who are trying to take down the world leaders to cause the global devastation, wage the war and dominate the battle world.

modern combat 4 games

Into the Dead 2

The sequel is out now and you’re thrown into the depths of an apocalyptic zombie-ridden world. Arm yourself with an arsenal of powerful weapons and do anything necessary to survive. Impede, mow grass and slaughter the dead, anything to keep moving.

Gun War

Without a doubt, one of the best offline war games to play right now. Battle your way through 50+ scenes and complete 124+ awesome shooting tasks including 6 types of special games. It is well optimized and has smooth controls and exciting battle experience, you can download it on Google Play.

Elite Killer: SWAT

One of the most addictive shooter and war games, it has amazing graphics with action sequences. It features over 100 challenging levels and 30 real world weapons.

You are a member of elite trained with tactics teams and special weapons, they will navigate secret missions around the world to eradicate the evil syndicate that stands in the way of a peaceful world.

NOVA Legacy

Not only one of the best offline war games but also offers a awesome gaming experience offline console.

The game features a veteran NOVA Marinesummoned once again to don his mobile armored suit and attack the enemies of the colonial administration forces.

You must protect the fate of humanity by engaging in combat against alien invaders while uncovering the mystery behind their sudden assault.

best war games without internet

Learn to download Android and iPhone iOS War-themed games without internet

War-themed games are excellent to be entertained living a bit of adrenaline; These have also been developed for mobile devices and they have spectacular graphic quality that will make you feel like you’re playing on a console.

Here we recommend the ones that have excellent reviews and great acceptance among users, the best of all is that you can play them without having to have a Wi-Fi or internet connectionyou just have to download them on your mobile, to be able to enjoy them at any time of the day.

To download if you must have an internet connection, the process is very easy, you just have to enter the application store of your device, Google Play Store for Android and App Store for IPhone iOS.

After you are inside the store you just have to write the name of the game for a list of options, select the one you prefer and review the important specifications: whether it is compatible with the version of your operating system as well as the amount of memory that is required.

If you reviewed all your requirements and everything is in order, you just have to select the download option; After downloading you must configure your account associating it with your email in this way the missions you complete will be saved.

Enjoy high-ranking missions like a warrior, these games have different types of weapons perfect for every occasion, not to mention that the graphics are so good that you will feel inside the gamenothing to envy a console.

If you are bored and want to have a moment of entertainment without connection to a Wi-Fi network or the Internet, We recommend these war-themed games, you will be hooked and time will fly by while you have fun.

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