Change and Customize Notification Ringtone on Android

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We all have mobile phones to communicate with friends and family, also for work issues, to stay connected with office colleagues and with our bosses, turning our mobile is a fundamental part of communication with our environment. But what happens when we get so many notifications and we can’t identify when it’s a friend telling a joke or when it’s a really important topic?

For this, devices have customization options That allow us control notifications on android and iOS, being able to identify each application with a different tone, and in other cases even configure the notification tone for the particular contact or group. Of course, this will not affect the time to configure the vibration on the phone when in meetings or require having the mobile without sound.

Create or download custom sounds on my Android phone

If you want your mobile notifications, are totally unique and original, you can choose to create them yourself. For this, it is convenient that you download applications such as Ringtone Maker or other similar ones that fulfill these purposes. Thanks to these tools, you’ll be able to cut audio to turn it into tones, which can even be recorded with your own voice or that of a loved one.

In addition, the interface that these applications have is special to give different sound effects to each tone, which will give you greater originality. On the other hand, there are also applications that are ideal for download fully custom sounds on your mobile. One of the most demanded by users is Zedge, which you can find for free in the PlayStore.

With its use, you can download thousands of different sounds as well as beautiful images to personalize your phone. Likewise, you can also download Audiko, an App that specializes in offering a range of varied tones that are well classified, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Change sound of notifications and calls using the operating system options

What we are always looking for is being able to customize our mobile to our liking and style, and doing it through the notification tone is an easy way to do it. To access the general customization of the equipment, we will first enter the configuration menu that is located in the upper right corner, we will look for the device section and there the sound option.

sound settings for call notifications

Selecting this option will display a menu with the options that we can modifysuch as ringtone and notification volume, notification mode, default notification ringtone, default alarm ringtone and other sounds.

change ringtone

To change the default notification tone, we will select the option to change ringtone in the menu. Three tabs will appear on the screen: the default tones, the stored music and the recordings on the computer, so you just have to choose the one you like the most.

in case you want set a recordingwe can do it from the mobile directly with the microphone or we can choose to use applications and programs to record audio, and make our notification tones even more original, once on the computer we can select it as the notification tone of an application, contact or group .

Change and customize notification tones

If you want to customize the notification tones in the various applications that you have installed on your mobile, you should do the following. The first thing is to access the configuration and settings of your cell phone and locate the option that says Applications. Now, you must choose the App you want to modify and look for the Notification alternative. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose the personalized sound that you like the most through the panel that says Advanced.

if you are looking for personalize your phone by changing things other than ringtones You can use the Launchers to customize your mobile, these applications manage the start menus, adding custom icons and widgets. With these, you can change the themes of the team achieving a totally different appearance, these applications can be found in the Google Play Store.

settings change tone whatsapp notifications

Change the tone of notifications through third-party applications

The best of third-party apps for change the tone of notifications, is that these directly install the sound on your mobile. This way, you don’t have to go through the phone’s settings to do everything manually, which takes more time.

One of the best Apps that we recommend today is RSFX. This application is free and with its use it is possible get sounds with amazing effects. Likewise, it gives you the opportunity to modify the tracks that you already have stored in the memory of your mobile device, making them more unique.

Similarly, there is the application of MTP Melodies and wallpapers. Thanks to its installation, you can not only download unique ringtones, but also have a wide gallery of attractive images to personalize your mobile.

How to change notification tone of other applications such as WhatsApp

Currently, the apps and some device system tools They have the function of changing the notification tone, such is the case of messages, to customize your tone, we must enter the message tool and select the tool menu that is in the upper right corner, there we will locate the option configuration, here we select notification.

in this window we can activate or deactivate the notifications of the tool, activate the vibration and choose the notification tone that we want to configure. In the same way, the three tabs will appear with all the audio, music and default tones present in the equipment, we only have to choose the one of our preference. In the case of alarms, the tool allows us to configure the individual notification tone for each one that we create.

WhatsApp is perhaps the application that has the most versatility in terms of configuring notification tones, since it has customization options that allow you to change the notification tone to individual messages, group messages and calls, in addition to allowing a contact to be identified by the configured tone.

To change the notification tone in WhatsApp, we must enter the application, open the menu in the upper right corner, select settings, then notifications, here we will see the ooption to set a tone for each action, messages, call and group. The existing files on the computer will be displayed and we will mark the option of our preference.

In the case of wanting to place a certain tone to a contact or group, we will start by opening a chat with that contact, we will access their profile by touching their name, we will see the option to customize notificationswe will activate the personalized notification option, once activated the notification tone options for active messages and calls will be shown, we will access the one we want to modify, select the desired tone.

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