How to Place and Adjust Margins in WordPad? – Customize your Document

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The use of WordPad has become so popular lately that many people are already making their own timelines or using the tool daily. With WordPad, you have the best of both worlds, on the one hand, the functionalities of the notepad and on the other hand, the advantages of Word.

If you’ve already created your classification charts in WordPad but want to learn how to change the margins of your document, do not worry. In this article, we will teach you the correct way to make adjustments and get the margins to suit your immediate needs. Keep in mind that this process is not the same as Word, so you have to pay close attention.

How can you see the margin rule in WordPad?

In order to adjust the margins of your Microsoft WordPad document, you have to learn how to access margin rule. From here, various options appear through which you can appeal so that your documents are perfectly. So, the first thing you should do is open the program from your computer.

Then, you must position the tab that says File and that you will find at the top of the screen. From there, you go to find the set page option that will be displayed within the menu so that you can observe the margin rule. Remember that at Microsoft you will always receive help and support of this platform.

use the margin rule in wordpad from my pc

Adjust your margins with the ruler

Once you can see the margin rule in your WordPad document, it will be time for you to start enter the numerical values ​​of your choice. Therefore, you have to add numbers in the boxes that say, left, right, top and bottom. This process is very simple and it is enough that each box is completed.

Finally, it remains that click on the button that says OK so that the margin ruler closes in WordPad and you can return to continue working on your document. Keep in mind that it is very important that you know how to place your sheets horizontally to achieve a more pleasant display.

What are the limitations of adjusting WordPad’s margins with the ruler?

We know that the use of the ruler to adjust margins is essential when you want the document distances are the most appropriate.

When using Word, it is common that the margins can be moved freely with the cursors that serve to drag the sections that define the limits of your document. However, in WordPad things could change a bit.

Fits only specific texts

Admittedly, WordPad has a bit more limitations than Word in being a somewhat simpler platform to run. For this reason, one of its great disadvantages is that the margins only adjust to specific texts, which could be a problem depending on what you are looking for when working from here.

set margins in wordpad

Also, when you open the margin rule, you have to provide exact values in your document. Since, it is not so easy to slide the cursor to move freely from one side to another until you get the results you expect so much as it happens in Word.

How to adjust your margins on the entire WordPad sheet?

To adjust your margins across the entire sheet of your WordPad document so you have more aesthetics and precision when working. The first thing you should do is open the configuration window. All this, from the File tab that appears in the upper left part of the screen.

Once Navigate the panel and tap the Settings button, a box will appear in which to enter the size of the margins of your preference. That is why you have to fill in each of the boxes so that the size corresponds without major problems within the entire document.

For its part, you can drag the left or right margin indicator if you press View and then Ruler to make them appear. By doing this, you will have a little more freedom to change the margins to the area you want.

Of course, the ideal is that all the document has an exact measurement which will be easier for you to do when setting the values ​​manually.

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