How to Take Screenshots with Any Android Mobile

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Table of Contents

Taking screenshots on Android is a tool included in all mobile devices.

Among the many applications and functions that we have in current devicesrecord the screen, make a screenshot or a screenshot is one of the most popular because it allows us to show the content of our screen at a given moment in an image.

Official or universal method to take screenshots on Android

The official method is to press volume down button with power button or start, as the case may be.

Depending on the company that manufactured the device there may be specific methods and more direct to perform the screenshot, however the most common method implemented in all mobiles is to simultaneously press the volume button and the power button, in this way we will achieve take a screenshot or record the screen on an android device.

When the screenshot is executed you will notice that a flicker is generated and a box is created with the image of the screen on top, at this moment you will release the buttons.

Generally the system will send you a notification indicating that the screenshot was saved successfully, if you want to locate where the screenshots are saved on your mobile, you must enter the device gallery, here you will see in addition to your regular folders, a folder like Screenshot.

You must bear in mind that increasing the brightness of your mobile screen will not modify the image you take with the screenshot, since it it will show up the same with or without added glitter. In addition to this process, there are others that may be specific to a cell model.

take screenshot on mobile

Variants of the official or universal method

In the case of Xiaomi and ZTE, these have integrated in the settings menu the option to take a screenshot, in addition, of course, to the traditional option.

Another method is the autosave button. This is a rare method, present in very outdated Android updates.

On other equipment like Sony, the option to take a screenshot is integrated as an option on the power button, so when you hold it down, in addition to the typical shutdown and restart options, you also have the option to take a screenshot.

Devices like the Samsung Galaxy 8, make the capture when you place your hand on the left side of the screen. Then you slide it to the right.

On Huawei company phones there is a different way to take screenshots and it is that to those of the P and Mate range, they have incorporated the option of taking screenshots by tapping twice with a knuckle on the mobile screen.

Key combinations, example (Power and Volume up) and so on

It is important to know that from the phone settings commands can be changed. In this way, we select the buttons that are easier for us to use.

The power button and the volume up button is an option, when the volume down button is broken. Another available command is double press the power button.

Some older updates allow even 3. However, this method is not a favorite, as slows down the device. So after the 4.0 update it was displaced from certain mobiles.

Also, there is the method of shaking the screen. Here you just have to give the screen a little shake and the capture will be done. In the settings section, you can modify the intensity of the shaking.

All this, so that not every time your phone moves, a screenshot is taken. Depending on the manufacturer it may have alternative options to the one we present to you as generic for Android devices.

In some mobiles that have a physical home button like the Galaxy S7, the key combination varies and the capture is achieved pressing the home button and power on.

screenshot from power button

Take screenshot without buttons via Google assistant ‘Ok Google’

If you talk to google assistant, he can take screenshot on android for you. Enter the Google application, click on the microphone next to the search bar. Say the command ‘Ok Google’ in a readable voice. Wait for him to receive it, and that’s it.

In case the command is not activated, you will have to enter the device settings. Find the Google Assistant option in your account section; is usually associated with your device. Activate the Google assistant, until the button is green.

If your device is a Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S5 or J5, this option is not for you. This is because these systems are inoperative, and google commands, therefore, too. What’s more, They no longer support any more updates.

Third-party apps to take screenshots on Android

It may be that your computer has difficulty taking a screenshot or that it seems complicated since every time you try to press both buttons at the same timeone is activated and the other is not, the volume bar appears, you lose the image you wanted to take, etc.

For this you can make use of applications to record the screen of your iPhone or Android, you can download these from the google play app store or App Store.

One of the best-known applications to take screenshots on Android is Screenshot touch. This app displays on the taskbar a button. Whenever you want to take a screenshot, you must access and press this button.

Screenshot Screen Grabber or Touchshot are other apps available for Android 6.0 systems. these apps are managed remotely. That is, they always have an icon on the screen. You must access it whenever you want to take screenshots on your android screen.

scrolling captures, they are normal screenshots but that allow you to include several images of the screen while it moves vertically until you tell it to stop.find apps to take screenshots on android

There are several manufacturers that have included in their current equipment Like Xiaomi and Samsung, it is not an option present in the vast majority of Android devices, but there are applications that can help you achieve the same results.

One of these applications is Longshot, This application allows you to take the capture with displacement screen, the function is to take images in sections and once they are finished it forms a single image, another available is Screenple, even though it allows, like the previous one, to take a screenshot while it scrolls vertically.

It offers other additional functions, as different options to be able to take the screenshotamong them, a floating button on the device screen or from notifications, it also has a photo editor and screenshot manager.

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