How to use two Payment Methods to Buy on Amazon? – Online Stores

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Amazon is one of the most popular online platforms where you can send messages to sellers very easily to ask about the availability of a product before bidding on them. In addition, purchases can be made from any country you are in.

If you want take advantage of all the discounts on the different items technological or fashionable that this application offers, it is important that create an Amazon account and log in. And in case you do not have enough funds to pay, you can use other very practical methods that will save you a lot of headaches. Discover them in this article.

What is the way to buy with two payment methods thanks to gift cards?

When it comes to online shopping, many users wonder if Amazon is better than Alibaba or vice versa. Likewise, there is concern regarding the payments that can be made using two different credit cards. Despite this, the Amazon platform does not agree with this type of modality at the moment.

However, to provide answers to regular customers who are part of this community, Amazon developers implemented a payment method based on gift cards. Thanks to this, it is possible to select an item and pay for it with the gift card and with an additional credit card. Thus complementing the final price to be paid for each product.

payment methods available on amazon

That said, it is most convenient convert your Visa gift card into a gift card associated with Amazon services. Remember that you can also get a refund for price changes as many times as you need.

Where to buy Amazon gift cards to add balance to my account?

There are two methods that will help you get your Amazon gift cards to add balance to the account and proceed to make all your purchases online. So, take note and follow all these tips so that you can continue enjoying the services offered by this platform.

Directly on Amazon

If you want to purchase your gift card directly from Amazon, you have to visit its official page, entering your login details. Then you must go to the section that says eGift Card for you to add the type of balance you are interested in having on your gift card. You will find different amounts, the lowest is $25 and the highest is $150.

In any case, there is a personalized option for you to recharge the amount of balance that is best fit your Visa gift card budget. Later, you will have to fill in some information fields so that the card is sent to your account. Once you make a purchase with the old card, the gift card will be sent directly to your email account with a receipt code.

In convenience stores

On the other hand, you can purchase your Amazon gift cards at any store authorized for it, paying cash or check. Within the list, there are pharmacies, convenience stores, grocery stores, among others. Where, you can select one of the different amounts and top up your card as many times as you need.

buy amazon gift cards

How to add gift card balance to my Amazon account?

If you are at any of the stores affiliated with Amazon Gift Cards, you can add the amount of balance you want to your account. To do this, you have to locate the barcode from your mobile device. Also, you can enter Amazon Cash and print the barcode to later save it in your digital wallet.

Once you have the barcode ready, you are going to show it to the cashier to proceed to pay the amount you want attached to your card. In addition, you can provide your registered cell phone number.

If you want to recharge the balance by yourself, you have to access the Amazon account and locate the option that says Recharge your balance. Next, you will enter the amount of your preference and select the corresponding payment method and that’s it. Your funds will be available in a matter of a couple of minutes.

How to pay for a purchase with a gift balance and an additional payment method?

In case you don’t have Sufficient balance in your primary payment method, you can buy various gift cards to pay for your online purchases. When making the purchase, you have to select your product, add it to the cart and click on the tab that says Continue with the purchase process.

add balance on amazon gift cards from mobile

now you’re going to add your main credit card in the Method of payment section and you will add the code of your gift card. It should be noted that after entering a card code, you have to click on the option to apply to your account so that the changes are correctly saved in the system and there are no problems when buying.

Also, you can use these payment methods for your book and app purchases if you have an Amazon Kindle Fire. For this, you have to add the gift cards to your Kindle account by accessing the configuration panel and clicking on the Applications – Appstore – Gift card button.

How long does it take for an Amazon gift card balance to expire?

Amazon gift cards typically have a duration of approximately five years. During which, you can use your balance as many times as you want before the issue date arrives. Do not forget that these cards are only valid within the Amazon platform and the funds will always be available within your personal account.

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