Solution Error: ‘The Pages Open By themselves’ on my Mobile or Cell

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Although it seems strange, the fact that web pages open by themselves on your phone or advertisements appear suddenly, it is a fairly common problem. For this reason, in the development of this article we are going to explain what you can do to solve it and why this happens.

Many times the causes of this problem are by computer viruses or malware or by other applications that you installed on your mobile device. For example, there are certain applications that, when downloaded to your phone, cause pages to appear every time you open it or when ending phone calls as well.

What to do to solve the problem of “pages that open by themselves” or many ads?

Many times the problem of pages that open by themselves or advertising with ads that appear without even using the mobile, it is due to cookies. The cookies they are not virusesbut if they are like a kind of spy program that is responsible for obtaining data about our tastes in a browser.

practical solution to the problem of pages that open by themselves on the mobile

So, at the time the ad appears “Do you accept the use of cookies?”, and we press accept, we give it the power to know our interests. And these spy programs are in charge of giving that information to brands that can satisfy our needs and that is how the ads could appear on the mobile.

However, this is a problem that can be stopped by disabling the use of cookies in your browser, or you can clean cookies. The steps to do that will depend on the browser you use, but in this article we will explain how you can do it from the Google Chrome browser.

From your device, Enter the Chrome application and in the 3 dots at the top right of the screen, look for the “Settings” option. Once there, look for the Privacy and security option, which is the one we need to correct the problem.

In the new section that appears on the screen, touch the option “Clear browsing data” and then select erase all data. Similarly, as you can delete the data, you can also delete all the search history you have in the browser.

Use an antivirus to scan your phone and remove annoying ads

Yes you download an antivirus on your mobile device this software could help you do a safe scan to find out what programs are causing these problems. And that’s not all, but this will also give your phone a protection and security in future cases.

Many times, when downloading applications from a web browser we do not know the provenance of the software of them, which could affect the performance of our equipment. So if you know you’ve downloaded an app from an unsafe site other than the app store, the wisest thing to do is to remove it.

Instructions to end the error of pages that open by themselves on the mobile

Do a reset of your phone or a factory reset

Doing a reset of your phone is generally a drastic step when it comes to presenting problems on your mobile device. However, this factory restoration it makes all the data on your mobile be deleted, that is to say that the failures that an application may have caused will also be deleted.

How to know which applications make you get advertising on your phone?

There are applications that are responsible for carrying out a review of the entire system of applications that you have on your mobile to find out which of the many attracts advertising. One of those is, Addons Detectorwhich always will send notifications to notify you of banners or application internet advertising formats.

To make use of this application, after downloading it to your mobile and entering it, a few colored circles will appear on the screen. In the center a circle will appear with the option to analyze, then the same application will show you the ad-causing apps or pages that open by themselves.

In such a simple way, you will be able to eliminate that application or those applications that are causing this problem on your mobile device; also this application can run in the background.

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