How to Add Subtitles to a Video from a URL? -Online Tools

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Videos are part of the daily life of thousands of people who need to stay informed through the different online media.

That is why many users seek to put a large image in their YouTube videos or highly relevant subtitles in each content they make. Just this way, it is possible to reach a wider audienceregardless of the type of language with which they identify.

If you want to add high-quality subtitles in each of the videos that you share on social networks like Messenger or Facebook, you have to read this article. Here, we will guide and indicate best online tools to accomplish your mission successfully.

How to use SRT format to add subtitles from a URL?

When we talk about the SRT format, we are referring to a file mechanism that allows add subtitles to videos efficiently. If you add the files correctly from the URL, the CC subtitle control will let you turn the subtitles on or off as needed. To accomplish all of this, the first thing you have to do is copy the SRT file to a folder that contains your video.

add subtitles on screen videos

Please note, that the name of the SRT file It must be the same as the one in your video in question. Once you have a web tool designed to embed subtitles in your videos, you have to select the video you are interested in working with.

You will notice that a box appears on the screen with various customization options. However, you are going to position yourself on the subtitles icon and click on Import STR. When you execute this step, you will be able to choose the subtitle file you want to use from the browser to insert it into your video.

In addition to all this, you can join your videos online and for free to give them a much more professional touch before showing them to the public. Don’t forget that there are various Apps that translate STRso you must select one that you trust.

What methods do I use to add subtitles to a video using a URL?

Although not all players make use of URLs to open files containing subtitles, some do integrate this type of functionality. Therefore, in this section we will indicate all the methods you can choose. In this way, you will get the results you expect with your video content.

With Substantial for Google Chrome

This resource is excellent as a subtitle generator to watch videos online as long as you use Chrome. If you want to use this extension, you have to add it directly to this browser entering the Chrome Web Store. When it is installed, you have to go to the video you want to watch and click on the search icon. Which will show you a wide selection of subtitles in all languages.

Using Mozilla Firefox

In the particular case of Mozilla Firefox, there is an extension called Add Subtitles that will allow you add all the subtitles you want to the videos. Once you install it, you only have to go to the tools menu to select the video of your choice. Then you can load the subtitle file from the URL.

insert subtitles to videos from a url

On the other hand, this method is ideal for play files in .srt and WebVTT format and it has a lot of customization options. Such as, changing the color, size and font of the subtitles to offer more comfort to the viewers.


By using EZGIF, you won’t need any third-party software because the web only will ask you to load the content from the URL. Best of all, it accepts the SRT format and also has several customization methods.

The process to upload the videos is very simple and you just have to upload the file and add the subtitles that you want so that they are fixed on the video and that’s it.

in LCV

VCL is one of the multimedia players par excellence and allows the use of various video formats which you can choose. Thanks to its practical tools, you will be able to search for the subtitles of the videos and you can even load the videos in a very simple way. All this, using built-in menu options like the VLSub plugin that lets you download subtitles of your choice in any language.

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