How to Change my Password in Windows 10 From the CMD? – Fast and easy

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Protecting your computer with a password is an effective security method that can be implemented. According to this, only those people who have it, will be the only ones who can access the Windows account.

Thanks to this we can set user settings. We can reduce the people who enter our profile. In the same way that it is put, you can remove the passwords for access to Windows. And we can change these, through user administration or by CMD.

What characteristics should passwords have in Windows 10 to be secure?

When we put a password for our windows computer. It is not simply putting passwords without more. You have to take into account some indications to make these as safe as possible. In this way, not everyone can guess what the password we just entered will be.

You also have the option to remove the Windows password so as not to take long to have the entire panel, but that is not what we are looking for in this article.

how to change password in windows 10

long passwords

One of the best options we have, and we can use. It is to put very long passwords that are difficult to guess, and that are not as obvious as for example: put as passwords the sequence from one to the new. With long passwords, it will not be very easy to guessand it is one of the safest and best ways to protect your user in Windows

With a wide variety of items

Another option available to you. It is to use a wide variety of elements in writing your password. That is, using all kinds of characters is a good strategy to avoid relying on obvious passwords. You can use the numbers, periods, commas, special characters such as asterisks, percentages, quotes, among others.

hard to guess

A complexity requirement will help to have a password free from detection by other users but in the case ofWindows computerswho have Windows 10. Some terms that make passwords suitable and acceptable to be placed, these password requirements are very important for account protection

  • The password that you are going to place. I couldn’t have the same name as the user account. Since it is considered, as a very obvious password
  • These passwords must have characters such as words in uppercase. Non-alphanumeric characters such as: ‘[email protected]#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;”<>,.?/’, and numbers.

how to add password on a laptop

How do I change the Windows 10 password?

The procedure to change the password of the user accounts of our computer is not very complicated. Since this task is made easy, by the options that the system itself lets us know and provides. With this together, there are different ways to do itsince Windows stands out for having different ways to do a task on your system.

With a Microsoft account

In the possibilities of changing the password, we have the option to change it with a Microsoft account. To do this, enter the Windows settings, so that later go to the ‘Accounts’ part. Here, you will be seeing all the user account options, you must log in with your Microsoft account to do the process

After you have logged in. You will have to go to the option to change the password, so that you click on change. It will be appearing in a window, the requirements. You must put the current password, followed by the password that you will put, you will have to write it twice. In the ‘Next’ option, Windows will be changing the password automatically.

windows logo

From a local account

To do it from a local account. You will have to go to windows startupand give in the start menu of the account, and we choose the account that you want to change the password.

This in case you have more than one account on the computer. Next, you will have to go to ‘Change account settings’ and then select to ‘login options’, and in this way reach the option to change password

When you click, a blue window will open where you will proceed to change the password. You will have to put the current password of the computer, to go to the next tab where will you put the new password dtimes and put an index for a reminder, this in case you forget. Also, you can reset the login password if you want.

Using CMD

Using the CMD command lines, you can have your password changed immediately. You will only have to open CMD from the start of Windows, and write the command ‘net user’, it will show you a list of system users. you will place the command of ‘net user’ ‘User’ ‘new password’.

Replacing ‘user’ with the user’s name and ‘new password’ with the password you want to set to that user.

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