How to Change Screen Resolution on Mac? – Ideal Configuration

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Sometimes the screen tends to look a bit distorted. In some cases it is due to a bad configuration and therefore its resolution changes a bit. In this way, the image of some images may look something very big, or very smallas opposed to displaying it with the appropriate settings.

However, on Mac computers. We have the possibility to adjust or change the resolution that we have on the screen. In this way, we will be seeing the image with a high level of resolution and sharpness the image being displayed. For this, we bring you this article with which you can change the resolution, as well as record the screen on your Mac or Windows.

What should you know before changing your Mac screen resolution?

Before you start changing your Mac screen resolution, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. These guidelines, they will help you not to make a bad configuration and that the screen does not look more distorted than usual. In the settings that Mac can offer us to change the screen resolution, we can do everything relevant.

mac with good resolution

These settings can cause the screen to have a very high resolution. We can use the ‘Color’ setting, so that the screen does not present very unusual colors, and that they are consistent with the images. We have the possibility to align the image with ‘Alignment’ setting. This is used more when the image is a bit shaky

Mac automatically uses the best resolution

One of the best adjustment options that Mac can give us is Automatic Resolution Adjustment. With this option, the computer studies the properties that the screen has, and adjusts them to give you the best resolution that suits the monitor. In this way, you will have image, colors and a resolution too high on screen image.

How to set the screen resolution of a Mac PC?

In the event that your screen has been misconfigured, you can adjust it as well as knowing the rate at which the monitor refreshes. Maybe if you are using more than one monitor, You must configure and change the resolution since when you connect them they will always suffer from misalignments on the screen.


Configure it if you have more than one screen

As we had already mentioned before. Whenever more than two monitors are connected, they experience a change in screen resolutions. This is because each screen has a specific configuration, which will be reflected when connected to a computer. To change these settings, you must:

  • In the system preferences, you will go to the screen to observe these options
  • We will see several options, but you will have to stay with ‘Display’
  • In it, we will see multiple types of adjustments, use the option of ‘Default’. This will cause the screen to automatically adjust with the best options based on the screen you have.

What are the steps you need to follow to change your screen resolution?

For change mac screen resolution, too easy. Since in the options, we have the possibility to do it manually, like making the settings defaults make them yourself. In this way, we can save time in making adjustments.

mac screen off

Change the resolution in system preferences

Going into the Apple menu, and going ‘System preferences’ and then on the screen, we will see multiple options. Among these options are those mentioned above. The first you will see will be the screen, where you will have several resolutions to make. As well as the automatic adjustments.

In the ‘Brightness’ option, with which we can adjust it on the screen. With this function, you can choose which one is the most suitable for you. A function favorable for seeing external lightis the True Tone option, with which you can modify according to the intensity of the external light.

From ‘display settings’

Another option for adjusting the screen is by entering the configuration again. It is used more when you have more than one monitor. You can choose the ‘To scale’ option, or you can use the ‘Show all resolutions’, with it you will be able to see, more than one available for you.

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