How to Check My Cell Message History on AT&T Online

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Table of Contents

On some occasion you may not have your cell phone at the moment and you want to check the message history, the AT&T telephone company offers you this option; Currently we have the facility to access different applications online without having to need to have our mobile at hand.

How do I check phone messages on my computer?

First you must have a fiber optic or ADSL internet connection since you can check the phone messages using the AT&T Messages service; For this, you only have to enter their website and meet a series of requirements that will allow you to carry out the review you want.

This company offers its users the opportunity to have at hand the history of text messages from the official website of the company. It is important that you have a contract with the company, since AT&T Messages Backup service & Sync is not compatible with prepaid plans.

check sms online at at&t

In order to review your messages text online you must enable the service on your cell phone, this is easily done thanks to a configuration wizard; After this process, you only have to enter your website by entering your username and password to access your messages.

When you enter you must go to Usagethere choose the billing period you want to see, select Mobile Service, on use by number you will find your device; you must give the option View data log, texts and calls, here it will show you the list of messages that are on your cell phone in the period you chose.

Is the operating system of my cell phone important?

If it is very important, since if you have an iPhone cell phone you have to disable iMessage, since it is not compatible with the service AT&T Messages Backup & Sync. This is the only case where the operating system can affect the review of text messages online.

check messages online at&t

This company is characterized by offering its users the comfort of have access to your data online; In this way you can have access not only to messages, you can also review the history and retrieve the call logs. Keep operating system considerations in mind so you can enjoy all the benefits AT&T has to offer.

What do I need to set up to check my messages online?

then you We will explain what is the process that you must follow to be able to access your text messages online using the AT&T platform.

Set up AT&T account from website

In order to access the AT&T platform you must have the user identification, it is a pin code that will give you access to all its platforms; with this code you won’t have to log in every time you log inif you do not have this identification, we explain how to configure it.

You must first enter the AT&T website, place the option Create Pin, I know It will open a form that you must fill out with all your personal data; choose how you want to receive the verification code, when you have it in your possession enter it on the web.

After this you can enter the password of your choice, always remember that it is important that it has a degree of difficulty; you should enter contact information, answer security questions, in addition to accepting the terms and conditions.

Just a click of the button Finalize you will have your ID configuredalways have your access ID and password at hand for quick access.

trick to view at&t messages

Verify your phone number and information

To verify your phone number and information you just have to enter the website and enter your ID and password to access your account; after login select myAT&Tin the menu look for the option my wireless finally click Check usage.

In this part of the menu you can scroll to check the records of the associated number, within the period of time you chose; you can see calls, text messages and consumption made at that time.

Is it possible to recover content that I deleted on the AT&T site?

When you do the AT&T Messages setup all data is stored in the cloud, which allows you to review its content; if you deleted any message from your cell phone you can enter the website and see all the deleted record.

However, you should keep in mind that when the cloud storage is at full capacity, the program automatically delete old data.

What are other functions that I can do on the AT&T page?

AT&T is a company that offers its users the opportunity to access exclusive features that will make your life easier; From its website you can transfer files quickly, you also have the option to view your voice messages as easily as if you were checking an email.

Plus they have AT&T Secure Family, you will be able to see where your children are as a support to the leave and control the time they have in front of the screen; You can also check what their activity is on the web, this and many more options will be available to you when you hire the services of this great company, you will not regret it.

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