How to Fully Configure PowerPoint? – Customize the Program

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Table of Contents

PowerPoint is a program that is used to carry out work in a professional way, in the sense that you can do unique and personalized presentations. In addition to its many tools and functions, you can do more things, such as: edit an image, copy, paste, cut, create shapes, among many more options.

That’s why the most interesting thing is that you can set up PowerPoint in a complete way, to get the most out of it and leave it in a personalized way. That is, modified to work from your personal preferences and tastes.

Why do I need to configure PowerPoint the first time I open it?

When you open the program for the first time, you will find many options that need to be configured. That is, each adjustment executed for the first time, prioritize tool What else are you going to use when you work? That is why it is important to do this task correctly from the beginning, from the moment you open the program.

how to learn to configure powerpoint

Thanks to clever customization, we have the opportunity to get the most out of PowerPoint. In addition, we will have professional results which we can share at the time of start a presentation automatically with a PowerPoint presentation with colleagues or friends.

What is the use of customizing the program to my tastes?

When we customize the program, we are configuring it our way, that is, we are placing each of the tools and functions as a priority. In this case, we will be selecting what we use the most when working to be even more effective in our work.

What is the way to set up a slide in PowerPoint?

In the ‘File’ options, we can easily set slide. In this section we have a variety of options such as the size, its orientation, the header and others. Its location is at the top left of the screen, specifically in the menu.

With PowerPoint we can convert a slide into an image, convert it into something specific or convert the entire presentation. To know that we are talking about the best program of this type and the more we know about its functions, the better the quality of our work will be.

how to customize powerpoint

What are the settings that I can make within PowerPoint?

Of the different options available to configure, we have the one in the images. We only have to go to the toolbar where the ‘Insert’ section is, that is where we can make the modifications to the images that we place in a presentation. But not only that, we can make the settings within the settings, let’s see how.

Inside PowerPoint settings

With this option we can make changes to the slide show settings. That is, we can adjust everything related to the layout of the page, margins, size, shape or orientation of the slide. Also, customize your design so that the presentation looks unique.

for slideshow

  1. To make the configuration a PowerPoint presentation, you must click on ‘Presentation’.
  2. Select the ‘Settings’ option, there you will see several alternatives, where you choose the setting you want to make.
  3. Finally, when you have made all the changes, you just have to click on the ‘Accept’ option.

Can I add a custom theme to my slide?

To add a custom theme to your presentation, you must enter the Design option. Then select the theme option and the ones that are available will appear, there you will choose the one of your preference. PowerPoint gives you the option that you can change theme color what you select

Also, you can use PowerPoint to make videos with images and animations, and you can also customize it the way you want.

how to add a theme to your powerpoint presentation

Is it possible to save the settings I made in PowerPoint?

All the changes you make in the PowerPoint program can be saved without any problem. You just have to make sure select the correct option so that the information is stored correctly and of course each adjustment made.

What other tools are useful within this program?

With PowerPoint you will get many useful toolsbecause you can add default templates, add hyperlinks, you can make charts, create shapes, make image collages, edit videos, among many more.

As you can see, PowerPoint is a very extensive program that requires time to meet each of your functions. But at the same time it is very easy to handle even our language in different versions.

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