How to Open Paint or Control Panel From CMD on my Windows PC?

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Table of Contents

It is very common to open programs or a configuration window using a command from the run tool, by pressing the key combination Windows + R we can access it directly. A rip that you should know is that all the commands executed in the Run tool work in the CMD.

That is, you can execute a command in the CMD or Windows command prompts in the same way as in the Run tool, and the best thing is that you don’t need admin privileges. The same applies if you want to use PowerShell, that is, it is up to each user to use the tool they want, since in the end it is the same.

What are the main functions of these applications?

They are different functions, since Paint is a program and the control panel is an interface to configure, but in the same way according to the ones you want to open, you can do it with a single command. In addition, the main functions of these applications are:

open control panel with command in cmd

Control Panel Features

To use the control panel correctly you must know its functions, so it is necessary to understand that it is a settings panel in which we can access, view, modify and customize many features of the system such as:

  • Update software and hardware drivers, since the device manager access is displayed.
  • Customize the layout of the taskbar and start menu including their order in how options are displayed.
  • Access the security and protection settings of our system, whether against viruses, network functions, or parental control security.
  • Configure backups, backup, mail, users, among other aspects related to accounts.
  • Access the settings of the shared configuration, which is known as the home group.
  • Configure the screen including color, brightness, among others also the keyboard, mouse and audio.

For all these accesses, the name of the control panel is given, since from its interface you can keep control almost the entire operating system.

Features of Paint

Paint is a default application of the Windows system, with it we can modify images in a basic waysince its main characteristics are:

  • Add text over an image.
  • Use tools to draw from scratch or over an already made image.
  • Resize or rotate the degrees you want.
  • Create colored borders or use some color geometric figure.

A very important tip is that depending on your operating system, you can access Paint 3D from the normal application, in which we can use more sophisticated tools in the same image. In addition, you can place a background image in Paint 3D in order to customize it to your liking.

open paint from a command in the cmd

What steps should you follow to open these applications from CMD?

The CMD is the console in which we can execute an action with a command, sometimes it is necessary to use administrator permissions according to use. But it does not apply to open Paint or the control panel. Learn how to do it as follows:

Opening Paint

It’s only necessary run a command to open Paint, but it changes according to the tool you use. That is, you can open in two different ways:

  • Open CMD or command prompts and run the command ‘start pbrush’.
  • Open the run tool and use the command ‘mspaint.exe’.

To open Control Panel

In the same way that Paint we can open control panel in windows with a command, but in this case yes the same command is used in any tool. That is to say that from any place it is the same:

  • Open command prompts, run tool, or PowerShell. Any option is valid.
  • Write the command ‘control’.
  • Press Enter and you’re done.

How to create a desktop shortcut for Paint or Control Panel?

To create a shortcut you just have to drag the executable icon to the desktop and ready. That is, locate the shortcut, either from the start menu or from its installation folder, then keep it pressed and move it to the desktop, you will notice that when you release it, it is created immediately.

Likewise, you have the options to press the right mouse click on the Paint access icon or the control panel, and in the options that are displayed place the cursor on ‘Send to’ to choose the option of Desktop (Create Shortcut).

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