How to Reset Settings on my Amazon Fire Stick without pin?

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The Fire TV player is one of the most acclaimed devices today. This is due to its excellent functionalities when it comes to broadcast all kinds of content and of course at the time of playing music without problems.

In addition to the above, if you already know how to connect your Amazon Fire Stick to the WiFi network and have used them multiple times, you may also you have presented some other inconvenience. Since this happens when there are many applications that make the performance less than optimal.

Therefore, it is recommended perform a factory reset so you don’t have a PIN as such. In this article, we show you the entire process that you must follow for this purpose.

What is the procedure to factory reset my Amazon Fire Stick?

On many occasions, people lose or forget their PIN. However, there are two alternative ways in which it is possible to factory reset the Amazon Fire Stick. See below for the entire procedure to factory reset your Amazon Fire Stick.

Try to find or reset the Pin

Before these cases, the best thing you can do is reset the PIN if you can’t find it. To do this, you have to log in with your access data. Then click on the Settings window, navigating the panel until you find the Parental Controls option.

factory reset amazon fire stick on tv screen

Now, you will see your PIN but it will appear hidden for privacy reasons. Therefore, you have to Click on the Change option and enter a new number so that the changes are updated once you select the Save button.

It is very important, that within the list of devices your Fire Stick appears connected for the changes to be applied to the controls. Otherwise, the changes you just made to the PIN will not be saved. Also, you should not forget that you can also control your TV with Alexa to have a unique user experience.

Reset with Fire TV remote

Alternatively, you can use your Fire TV remote to factory reset your device, as long as it is well paired with the TV. So, you have to go to the ‘Factory Reset’ screen and apply a little trick, pressing the right and return buttons with your controller for a couple of seconds.

Once you do this, you will notice that the screen where the PIN is requested, disappears completely for you to proceed with the factory reset. It should be noted that this procedure may not work on some firmware versions, but you have nothing to lose by trying it.

What are the alternatives to reset an Amazon Fire Stick?

If you are not willing to perform a factory reset on your Amazon Fire Stick, you can apply other strategies that are just as useful. Especially if you notice that the device becomes very slow or sometimes freezes. With these basic cleaning tasks, you will get results in a matter of a couple of minutes.

steps to reset amazon fire stick and watch tv schedule

Disable data control

Generally, when data control or monitoring is turned off, the resources on your Amazon Fire Stick are better distributed and therefore, performance is increased. If you want to disable them, you have to go to the Settings panel and navigate until you find a section called Data monitoring.

Next, you have to press for check box on, switch to off and you can return to the home screen normally.

Amazon Fire Stick Basic Reset

One of the best ways to bypass a factory reset completely, it is with a basic reset that you can perform quickly. Also, when you decide to restart the device, the queued processes are cleared and the loading speed is much better.

To comply with this, the first thing you have to do is find your remote control and click on the Start button. Next, you have to position yourself within the Configuration section and then on the Device option. Then, we press again but where it says Restart and that’s it.


Believe it or not, a VPN can make a difference for your Amazon Fire Stick to work properly. Sometimes service providers have a lot to do when the connection gets slow and the TV features aren’t the best.

correct way to factory reset amazon fire stick

So, we recommend you use a trusted virtual private network so that everything goes back to normal. One of the most used VPN and suggested for users, is NordVPN.

Delete apps you don’t use

Another of the most frequent problems that may be hindering your Amazon Fire Stick experience, is the excessive storage of the applications. We understand that, your Fire TV comes preloaded with various bloatware but when you download more apps, everything slows down.

That said, we advise you to delete all those applications that you have not used for months And they really aren’t that useful. For this, it is important that you access the Settings panel through the home button on your remote control.

Then you must go to the Manage Applications section and select one by one the Apps you want to delete. However, you can reinstall them later in case you need to use them again.

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