PPSSPP Emulator How to Use Cheats in PPSSPP?

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An emulator is software that allows you to run programs or video games on a different platform for which they were developed. If you are a lover of video games, you only have to download the version of the PSP emulator for Android. So you can use PPSSPP cheats.

If you already have the emulator, and the question arises, is it possible to apply tricks? The answer is yes, you will want to know how put PPSSPP cheats on Android. So we invite you to continue reading our article, as we will explain how to perform this procedure.

It is important to note that this process turns out to be somewhat complicated, which is why we recommend putting Cheats in the emulator, using codes CWCheat.

codes Cheats for PPSSPP Tricks

The CWCheat cheat performs the same functions as Gameshark (Playstation Portable system). It can be applied in different Android devices. In the same way you can use it on computers with Windows or Apple operating systems.

The database holds a large number of PSP CWCheats for games. So there is a large catalog of games for users who use this Software.

To make use of these codes we only have to open the emulator on our device, access the “system options”to select “enable cheats”, We return to the previous menu and choose the game of our choice, repeat the process and return to the previous step (exit the game), then press “cheats”.


After completing the above steps, the emulator is closed and the folder with the PPSSP data is entered. A folder called “cheats”, we open it and we will find various numbers that we will have to copy and then paste them in the internet browser that we use, be it Chrome, Firefox, etc. and with this we will find the necessary cheats for our game.

In these cases where we must search for folders or files, it is very useful to use a file manager What It’s File Explorerwhich can be downloaded via shop Virtual Android, Google Play Store.

After having copied the different codes that we found for our game, we access the PPSSPP folder again. Once there we enter Cheats, we open the file called ULUS-10537. Later we will re-enter the emulator and run the game, when opening it we will have to enter cheats again and check which codes are compatible with our game.

We hope that our article will be useful in answering the question of How to use PPSSPP cheats on Android?

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