Create a Custom Youtube Playlist – Easy and Simple

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Table of Contents

Surely you have ever made or configured a playlist in music player of your mobile or in the Windows player, in which you placed those songs that you like the most so as not to have to look for them every time you wanted to listen to them, that is why you may be interested to know that you can also do it on YouTube, so You won’t need to download videos and music from Youtube every time you like a video.

Make a playlist of videos or music on my YouTube account

For create and manage playlists we could use apps for audio in existing streaming, but this time we will see how to create them in your YouTube account from the video playback screen, first of all we will enter our YouTube account and verify that our Google account is active.

We will do this by verifying in the profile image that is in the upper right part of the screen, this in case the computer is shared or you have more than one account on YouTubeonce the account in which you want to create the playlist is verified, we will begin to elaborate it.

youtube home phone

We select the video that we want to incorporate into the playlist, which may well be one that we have previously created and we want to expand or in a new playlist. Whatever the case, we will locate the menu that is in the lower part of the video window and is marked with a + sign and three horizontal lines, there we will look for the add option, when marking it a window will open and a new one will be displayed. menu.

in case of counting with one or more playlists created in this account, we will see the same listed or organized in alphabetical order, depending on what we have created, at the end of the list we will find the alternative to create a new playlist.

in case you want use one of the existing playlists in the account, we will proceed to mark the one that we want to extend, in this case the icon turns blue, If instead we are going to create a new playlist we will have to adjust the privacy values ​​of the list, marking if it will be public or private , we will place the name that we will give to this new playlist, taking into account that its name has a limit of 150 characters.

The privacy settings we select It is not definitive and you can modify it later when you change your decision. With the first video, it will be created and the video will be linked to it, once the list is created we can add all the videos we want just by repeating these steps. All created lists will appear on the left side of the screen.

youtube home music laptop

The creation and configuration of playlists They can be done in the same way from the mobile as from the PCand we have the same administration options such as viewing the videos that make up each of the playlists, adding descriptions, changing the privacy or deleting the selected list, as well as deleting or deleting the YouTube search history.

I can’t create a private playlist – how to fix it?

After logging into our YouTube account, select the option ‘create new playlist’. In the configuration option we click on Privacy> Private.

This will allow us to URL not shareable. Much less can you add a section to the channel, in the same way this list will not appear in a common YouTube search. It will not appear in the home of your channel or in the home of your subscribers.

Is it possible to make a playlist on YouTube without having an account?

The first thing we must do is copy the links of the videos that we want in our playlist. We can do this in a word document or, failing that, in notepad. Once this is done, we add it to this link

there you must paste all the IDs of the videos that we want to appear in the list that we are going to create separated with commas. Copy the new URL you have created and paste it into the Youtube bar.

How to make a playlist from scratch to share?

We access our YouTube account and in the video manager we select to create a new playlist. Write the name and any details you want to add in the box below. In the section that says permission you click on the public option.

And automatically we proceed to create. After this just copy the link from the list your friends can listen to your list playback or they can search for it directly on your channel.

youtube hands laptop

Create a playlist from mobile

From your mobile phone select the video you want to add to your list and press save. the button to do so is just below the video or alternatively you can press the ‘watch later’ section. Right after this a warning will appear telling you in the playlist that your video was stored.

You can also do it from the library by clicking ‘create new playlist.’ And later select from your search history or from your browser the videos of your choice. Tap the next box and you’re done.

From the web version of YouTube

We go to the ‘library’ section located at the bottom of the screen. Make click on the ‘list’ section and then on ‘create new list’. add a name to your list and privacy settings ranging from public (anyone can access) private (only you can see it).

Once you have completed these steps, you just have to add the songs of your choice either looking for them with the name or failing that with the link.

Using the YouTube Studio app

If what we want is to get or win subscribers for our channel by submitting videos originals in our account, we can create playlists of these grouping them by category, by related topics, or in any other way that occurs to us using YouTube Studio.

To do it, we enter YouTube Studio from the drop-down list that is shown when pressing on our profile picture and entering our channel. We will automatically enter the control panel of our channel, we will switch to the playlists tab to access the panel from where we can manage the characteristics and properties of the lists that we have created in our channel.

We will create a new playlistwe will select the public or private privacy, we will place the title, the description, we can upload the videos or take them from the videos tab, selecting the one we want to add in the edit option, then we select the playlist to which we want to add it and press save .

youtube laptop logo home

How to make a playlist without logging in to the platform?

You can do this with the youtube web page. Here you just have to search for the videos as if it were normal YouTube. You must click on the search bar and write the song of your choice, make sure you listen to it to be sure that you selected the correct one.

This is will show on the right side of the screen and in the order you choose it. In the same way you can drag them to change their place. At the end you just have to click on share it and that’s it, it will generate the link with which you can share your playlist with your friends.

Where to see and manage my playlists?

You can do this in the tab ‘library’ or in Youtube Studio. Press the list of your preference and from there you can edit it, delete it or, failing that, share it.

Likewise, at the end of your edition, remember click save. So that all your changes appear when you decide to log in again.

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