Gain Subscribers on YouTube: How to Get More Subscribers to my Channel?

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Why do we care? get subscribers on YouTube platform? we are interested because thanks to those subscribers our channel is going to make a profit and make money on youtube what we can consider as a job.

Is it advisable to use a generator of subscribers?

It is not recommended to use this method to gain subscribers because it is an artificial population (bots) that instead of adding value to your channel, can create problems, since YouTube’s policy on false interactions would be violated.

Additionally, you can be penalized automatically, remove subscribers acquired by this method and your name will be negatively marked in the eyes of the company and even all other users.

What does it take to get a lot of subscribers on a YouTube channel?

There are many different methods to get subscribers, there are pages that you can pay to get from 100 to 1000 subscribers, applications to get subscribers, etc. You must be yourself, show your face in the videos and share with the audience things that you are passionate about, so that they realize that you engage with your content by the way you express it.

Make an attractive summary using the keywords of your videos, tell them what you do and what you offer in the channel description, convince the public to stay watching what you do. You can make a trailer about the history of your channel, from your beginnings, so you can get empathy from your viewers, at the end of the trailer you can invite them to subscribe and activate notifications of your videos.

get visits and subscribers to the youtube channel by updating content

What are the best strategies to gain subscribers on YouTube?

You have to bear in mind that despite the fact that it is very common to think that YouTube rewards the publication of content quite often, and it is usually this way, but when you go over a thousand subscribers, that is no longer a good technique and you will have to focus more on the content you make than in the number of videos you make, because you can get more profit with a video a month that is very good than with a weekly one that feels forced.

you also have to take audience retention into account that your video has, this is the percentage of time that people stay watching your video, the longer they stay watching your video you can get more visits and possibly more subscribers.

Try as much as possible to ask your audience questions so that they leave their answers in the comments, invite them to subscribe, to like your videos and do not forget to answer their comments, they like to see that you interact with them on your channel, that you have time to dedicate to attracting your audience.

You can include in your videos a link to another of your videos, if you get a user to see more than one video, it is very possible that they will subscribe to your channel, mention your videos and share them on your social networks, open or create a Blogger account and create blogs to keep them up to date with each video you watch. to do. You could advertise on YouTube or make use of overlay ads.

increase the number of visits to the channel and subscribers with quality videos

Another idea that could work for you is to comment on videos related to the topics you are dealing with and that are recent, try to add value to the conversations, This way you will boost user traffic to your channelnever promote your videos in the comments because it is frowned upon, better accompany your videos with a mini video or you can make a gif with your video when sharing it on your networks.

It is convenient that your social networks, your blogs and your YouTube channel have the same username and the same profile image, remember maintain coherence and relationship in the contents that you share in these, try to promote all your platforms in each post you make, if you get growth in your social networks you get growth in your YouTube channel.

If you have different users on each social network, you can unify them by creating an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. account, with the same username and profile picture. Try as much as possible to be constant, it is not necessary to publish every week, but try to do it periodically, in this way your channel will grow.

Keys and tips to get many subscribers

Generate a good first impression of your channel, the appearance is very important, since people are guided for the most part by the submitting a profile and then look at its content.

You must always be aware of strategies that you are applying, renew them, verify if they are giving the expected results.

Know the demand to satisfy

You must have a defined theme that can meet a real demand. If you create content about different themes in each video, the public that follows you for a specific topic will get tired and leave. You can slightly deviate from your theme from time to time, to be more creative in your content.

Be different from the competition

Focus on differentiating yourself from other YouTubers. Currently there are many people wanting to do the same as you, therefore, specialize in what you want to talk aboutin the way of transmitting your message, stand out in your personality, show yourself as you are, nobody expects you to be perfect.

win youtube subscribers

Connect with the audience

empathy is very importantcreate a relationship with your audience, listen to what they have to tell you, get to know them.

Get collaboration with other youtubers

Associate with other YouTube channels and thus you can advertise your channel, taking into account that they must have related content to generate traffic suitable for users.

quality videos

Quality is very important to be able to convey the message to your audience. Take care of the audio and definition of your videos.

Generate quality content

As mentioned above, the content must be amazing and creative, worthy for your audience enjoy watching it.

Run contests and sweepstakes

You can offer gifts encourage the audience to participatebringing traffic to your channel and, therefore, possible subscribers.

What are the Apps to get subscribers for YouTube?

Other ways to get subscribers could include downloading the following apps: Sup4Sup, Raiser, ViewGrip, View4View, ViralVideo Booster, VideoVTope: they are applications that fulfill the function of subscribers or they can turn your video into a viral video, this thanks to a system of coins that they have, you get these with other users or by obtaining a credit with the applications.

Is it advisable to buy subscribers for YouTube or not?

It is not recommended, YouTube is already specialized in detecting this type of fake subscribers. The best is increase subscribers naturally and in this way interact with users who are really interested in the content you publish, without violating any Google or YouTube rules.

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