How to Change the Background in Instagram Stories? – Answers and Colors

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Instagram stories have a wide variety of options for your design from adding, stickers, using filters that change the background, placing a video, among many options.

If, on the other hand, what you want is to simply place text, not only can you change the color of the letters, but you can also combine it with the background so you have the best contrast it may go with the style of your posts.

How do you change the background of a shared story on Instagram?

Upload, record, edit following the advice of the platform, for example reduce its size a little, until you observe two well differentiated areas the image and the unicolor background, at the top of the ribbon, look for an icon that has the shape of a curved line, if it does not appear, look for the button that has three ellipses, the icon in question should appear there. Select it.

another will appear Totally different ribbon at the top. Click on the button that resembles a fine-tipped marker (the one on the left) at the bottom a color palette will be displayed, select the one you want to place in the background. Once the color is chosen, press the screen for approximately 3 seconds and you will see how it changes in its entirety.

instagram logo to change the background of a story

What do you do if you want to change the background of a story uploaded on Instagram?

The steps you need to follow to modify the background of a story you shared on instagram they are quite simple and easy to follow, you can do it in the application itself, you do not need to look for other software to carry out this activity. Once you choose the background you can proceed to add stickers, music, tag a friend, etc.

Is it possible to change the background directly from Instagram?

To change the background directly from instagram once you are in the application, access the main screen of the publications, by clicking on the button that is at the bottom and has the shape of a house.

After you are in it, slide the left edge of the screen to the right and the editor will be activated, click on the button on the left that says ‘Create’ (the position of this button can vary and be on the right).

The screen of a certain color will appear, if it is not the one to your liking in the bottom right corner there is a circle icon with the color of the screen, click on it and the screen will change color, select the one of your preference and you will have changed the background of the screen of your instagram story.

take a photo to place in the background on instagram

How to adjust the background in an Instagram story?

If what you want is to share a publication by placing an image in the background of the story, the procedure is quite simple, click on your profile picture to add a storythe camera will be activated automatically and you can take a photo that you can set as wallpaper.

If the photo is in the gallery of your mobile, go to the bottom left corner there you will see a square icon with the last capture you have made with your camera, select it, the list of images you have available on your cell phone will open, choose the one you want to place.

Remember that you can adjust the dimensions of these images pressing two points on the screen at the same time and increasing their distance to enlarge the image or joining the points to reduce the dimensions of the figure.

Is it possible to add images to a reply on Instagram?

If you want to send a private reply message and include images in it, the first thing you have to do once you enter the application is go to the main page by pressing the house-shaped icon at the bottom of the screen, once in it we see some circular photos which are the stories of the accounts you follow, select the one you want to reply to.

choose gallery photo for instagram background

The latest stories published by that user will appear, select the one you want to answer, at the bottom of the screen you can observe a message box and on the left side an icon in the form of a photographic camera.

The first is to write the answer you want to make, the second is to add the image that accompanies your response, click on the latter and it will take you to the mobile gallery where you can choose the image of your choice or take a photo at that moment to add them, finally press ‘Send’ to send the chosen image to the recipient . The message ‘Answer sent’ will appear and that’s it.

Remember keep your app up to date to the most recent version so that you can make use of all the available tools.

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