How to Create a Youtube Channel – Guide with your First Steps to Earn Money

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Within the current trends is the training of young people as Influencers, Youtubers, etc. This is largely due to the increase in the use of new technologies and the current economic trend, which revolves around social networks, making them the main means of disseminating the products and services offered by different companies. For this reason you should create a YouTube channel.

What is the YouTube platform and how does it work?

Surely at some point you have used the application or the YouTube website. Or you may have even downloaded or updated the YouTube app to find a tutorial, watch a recorded interview, a recreational program, lectures, recipes, and many other options.

YouTube is the main platform to watch and share videos of all kinds. In addition to being able to create an account, register or log in to YouTube. You can also access the platform and its content without having an account enabled.

Why use YouTube and not other platforms?

Although there are other platforms that offer to watch and share videos, YouTube still the best video platform. YouTube is one of the most used platforms since it is located second in the ranking. Using YouTube instead of other platforms ensures that more people see the videos and content you post.
In addition, this platform has an exorbitant amount of videos as well as a lot of variety of content. Youtube offers videos and tutorials on topics such as cooking, repairs, painting, language courses, games, travel and any other topic you can imagine.

Due to the number of users and visitors that YouTube has, it becomes a great option when publicizing and promoting products and services. However, there are strategies to work on this platform, since it is not just about random posting.

If we want to obtain positive results when using this tool, we must first establish the objective of your business within the platform. Some of them can deal with brand positioning, generating traffic for the site, increasing the audience, monetizing, among others.

How to create a YouTube account

This platform has the option of create a YouTube channel, although it already had the option of creating an account within the social network. A YouTube channel is space created within the platform that allows you to upload videos, playlists so that other users can see them and create a community.

Accounts on this platform can be created from any device. Whether from a phone or tablet to desktops and laptops. The procedure is the same on all computers and to upload videos you can use the same account where you follow your favorite youtubers.

To create a channel and be able to share the content you want, you need to have a YouTube account. In this case, if you have a Google account or Gmail email You already have one, if you still don’t have a Google account you should click on more options. To then create an account, you must then proceed to fill out the registration form that will appear to establish your username and password.

From the Android or iOS cell phone

Both for phones with the Android operating system and those with the IOS system, the procedure is the same. You just have to open the YouTube application from the cell phone and in the right side will reflect the box where the profile picture goes.

You must click on this box and you will be redirected to another window where you must log in. At this time you can create the account with the data that Youtube requires, such as name, age, nationality and place of residence. After having entered all your data, you must click on save or create and an account is automatically generated on this incredible platform.

create youtube channel from phone

From PC or Mac

The process to create an account on the YouTube platform is similar on phones and computers. Be it laptops like laptops or desktops like Macs.

To start with the creation of your channel you must enter the YouTube website. At you will access your profile picture that you will see in the upper right corner of the screen and will be the same one you use for the Google account. If you are not yet logged in to your account you will need to do so.

When selecting your profile picture, a menu with different options will be displayed, you must mark the option my channel to go to a form that you must fill out in order to create your channel. Then you will place the personal user identification for your channel, name and surname, although they can be auto-completed with the data from your Google account, they can be changed manually.

This will cause the channel to link to you as a personal account. But if you prefer use an alias, stage name, or your company name, you must check the option to use company name or another name. Then we click on the create option, with this process, in addition to your YouTube channel, a Google+ company page and account will be created.

After creating the channel we can customize it in different ways, adding a description. Cchanging the channel image among other options that will make your channel stand out and can help you get or win subscribers. Once the process is complete we will proceed to upload our first video, to do so we must click on the icon with the arrow pointing upwards that is located at the top of the interface.

How to upload your first video to YouTube

When you want to upload a video, or it is the first time you do this procedure, you should look for the camera-shaped icon. Then the options are shown where it is to upload a video and where you must mark. Later, it goes to the place where it asks us to upload the video.

To select the video that we want to upload to our channel, we can choose to select the location of the file and explore it on the computer, mark it and upload it. On the other hand, we can drag and drop it directly into the YouTube window, while the video is uploaded to the platform we can edit its information, essential to create an attractive title to the public that you can complement by adding a description and tags. Once the upload is complete, we only select to publish.

create youtube channel

When the video is ready and uploaded, you can proceed to the settings. This is where you will set the date the video will be uploaded as well as the exact premiere time. You can also add titles and descriptions to your video, as well as recommendations of other videos on your channel or someone else’s.

Learn to edit your videos on YouTube

Youtube also has the option to edit a video that has already been uploaded and premiered on your channel. To enter this section, from the application you must look for the place my videos or content that is within your profile.
When you have entered this place, the platform shows the videos that have been uploaded to your channel. Therefore, you have to select the video you need or want to modify. After choosing it will appear the screen where you can modify the name, description, time, date and other elements. At the end of the edition you must click on save so that all the changes are made.

On the other hand, there are many tricks that allow you to edit videos from their content. This changes include light, sound and special effects that can be added to the video.

There are many sites and applications that help content creators to edit their videos to make them look better. When you upload videos to this platform, se need the best quality audio, video and content to keep viewers interested.

What requirements do I need to acquire a personalized URL?

Custom URLs allow content creators, be more specific and personal with your channel addresses. In order to have a personal URL you must meet a series of requirements set by YouTube.
They stand out from them, have more than 30 days of having opened the channel and have more than 100 subscribers. You must also have previously uploaded a profile image as well as a banner for your channel. Similarly, the URL must contain the name of the Youtube user and the name of the website that is linked.

create youtube channel from pc

When you meet these requirements, YouTube will send you emails and notifications warning that you can now make a Link change. To change it, you must open the application and look in the menu, the personalization section and basic information. Then, you will see the URL that the channel has at that moment and below the button Configure a personal URL for your channel

By clicking that button, you can add anything to your channel link, it can be alphanumeric characters. To finish the change you must press en finish and then on the confirm button to save everything.

How to change your channel name

To change the name of the channel on the YouTube platform, you must go to the personalization section. In it you must look for the basic information window and click on it. Then you must click on edit and start typing the new name What will your channel have?
Afterwards, you must add a new description to the channel in the box below the name change. To complete the process and save all the changes, you must click on the publish button.

How to do a Live on YouTube

When you want to make a live or direct video, you should go to camera symbol. In the options displayed, it will appear to make a direct or broadcast now.
After you have selected this option, YouTube will go to the Live settings that you will always do and when you have a camera connected. Having created all the specifications that the live will have, you just have to start talking to the camera and interact with your followers.

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