How to Customize My Menu in WordPress – With Astra and Elementor

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Table of Contents

If you are one of the people who want to create a blog of any kind in WordPress, you have to know that you can customize the look of your page as many times as you want. All this, with the help of Astra and Elementor, two practical tools that will make your life easier.

So, if you want the menu of your page in WordPress look better with Astra theme, in this article we will teach you the entire process to comply with it. Remember that in WordPress, you can also add pages and sections for the greater comfort of users who are fans of the posts you publish.

How to design a menu with an Astra template?

With the Astra Pro templateyou can design your menu the way you want it so that users stay longer within your website. To comply with this, the first thing you have to do is enter the WordPress administration panel and look for the option that says Appearance-Customize.

design your blog menu with astra and wordpress

Then you have to click on the button that says Header – Primary Menu so that you can see on the screen all the customization options available to you. Among them, the deactivation and activation of the menu, the elements to include, the buttons, the search icons, HTML texts and all kinds of Widgets stand out.

So you just have to add the elements that interest you to your menu. In case you want to add megamenus with Astra, you must access the Appearance section. Then, activate the box that says Megamenu and drag the blocks or change the settings to give it a personalized look.

If you want to give your users more options within your website with WordPress, we recommend creating contact forms without a plugin, this will achieve greater reliability of your website.

Where to find the themes to customize in WordPress with Astra?

The Astra theme is completely free and you can find it within the ‘Customize’ Menu once you enter the WordPress administration panel. Thanks to this handy tool, you can give a unique touch to your web pages with all its accessories. It should be noted that Astra is very light and works quickly and pleasantly.

customize menu

In order to customize all the elements of your WordPress menu, it is essential that you always position yourself on the ‘Customize’ menu. This is inside the administration panel of your pages.

At the same time, you can customize the layout, colors, header and footer of your blog as many times as you need. All this, accessing the Appearance section – Astra Options. All the changes will appear in the central part of the screen so that you can make the modifications that suit your immediate needs.

how to find themes to customize in wordpress

How to use additional Astra customizations in WordPress menu?

Not surprisingly, Astra has other options to customize WordPress menus. That said, you can change the layout of submenus with this template by accessing the Astra main menu.

From here, you will see various customization options, such as container animation, borders, colors and horizontal lines to separate menu items. In this way, it makes the content more specific to users.

Also, the Astra template perfectly fits mobile menus and gives you more opportunities to customize your page. Such as menu width, labels, style, colors, and border radius for people who prefer to view content on these types of digital devices.

How to correctly use Astra and Elementor typography?

If you want make the most of all customization options that Astra brings to you, you have to know the ideal way to use typography and the most striking elements of a menu. That is why, in this section, we indicate all the details so that you can start applying them from today.

use different colors

To make your WordPress menu and submenu look great, we suggest go to the Colors section so that the texts are widely differentiated on your page. From here, you will be able to modify not only the color of the texts, but also the color of the background of the menu and even add personalized images, as you prefer.

customize wordpress screen menu with themes

Use typography in the base

On the other hand, using fonts in the base will give you extra points for your menus stand out from the competition. All this, making use of the section that says Typography and that will allow you to customize the fonts, sizes, line height and thickness of each letter.

How to edit a menu in WordPress and modify Astra header?

First of all, you should know that Astra not only helps you create spectacular menus, but at the same time, it is ideal for modify the main header. This is where your logo is located and it is the first thing that your users will see once they enter your website.

To edit your menu and modify the Astra header, you have to locate customization options that appear in the WordPress administration panel. Specifically, in the Appearance section – customize – Main Header.

When you sign in, you’ll see options like the layout, width, bottom border of the main header, or colors of the bottom borders. Also, you have alternatives such as modifying the color and spacing of the header and change all areas or zones of the menu of the template according to your tastes through the path Appearance – Menus – Menu settings.

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