How to Delete TikTok Videos Already Uploaded to My Account – Quick and Easy

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Table of Contents

TikTok is the app for create and share short videos currently the most popular, it allows you to publish almost any type of content, it has multiple editing options, how to place stickers, do dubbing, place background music, add effects, in short, a number of configurations that allow us to make our videos much more striking and increase the number of followers in our account.

It also allows you to have two TikTok accounts at the same time in which we can have a personal and a corporate oneor dedicate them to different topics each, we can also create and activate a Pro account on TikTok, with which we can keep statistics and see the activity in our accounts.

What can I do if I make a mistake uploading a video to my TikTok account?

It may be that by possessing or manage accounts other than TikTok, whatever its nature, you accidentally upload content from one to another and you want to solve it, the application offers you the possibility of deleting that content in a few steps. If before deleting them you want to save a copy for your memory, you have the option to download them and save them on your device by pressing the save video option.

open the tiktok application from the mobile

However, on some computers, when you make a video with the TikTok camera this one is saved automatically in your gallery, so in that case it will not be necessary to download it. To start the process we enter the application and there to our TikTok profile, for this we will press the icon with a face that is in the lower right part of the screen, all the publications that we have made so far will be displayed.

we will search the video we want to delete and we will select it to play normally in full screen. During the playback of the video you will see a series of options in the column on the right, there we will press the menu icon, which is three vertical points. Selecting it will display a list of options at the bottom of the screen.

We will first find those related to share the video with other applications on your device available and compatible, in the second we find the options to manage it, in this section we will find the option to delete the video in progress, click on the delete icon.

Is it possible to delete all my files without deleting my TikTok account?

Using this option we can delete the videos that we have shared in our account, simply pointing out one by one all the files that we want to delete. If you also want to delete it from your device, we will use a file explorer, with this we will search the device folders for the file we want to delete, here we can either delete it from the thumbnail or during playback.

In case you decide do not save the videos in the mobile gallerywe will access the account settings from the menu icon at the top right of the screen, here we enter the allow download section and disable this function, with this, in addition to preventing videos from being saved in your gallery, you also prevent other users can download your videos.

You may just want the video in question to be found visible to all your followers, if this is the case, instead of removing it from the platform, you can choose to place it as a private video by changing the visibility of the video in the settings. This way you will keep it in your profile in case you need it later, but only you can have access to it.

To make the change we enter our profile we will look for the video in question and we will access the options menu, the same one where we entered to delete it, this time we select the privacy settings section, we look for the option of who can see this video and change from public to private, we can also select so that only our friends see it. friends, these will be those users that you follow and follow you.

It is also convenient to take into account security settings that allows protect your TikTok accountavoiding the hacking of it or the entry of people with bad intentions, it is also recommended to update all applications including antivirus programs and others that allow the proper functioning of the application and the device.

tiktok app notification

How to make a Tiktok video private?

After logging in to your TikTok account, you click on your profile icon which is located at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Already located in your profile you do click on the video you want to make private.

Later in the video that is playing, three white dots will appear on the right side. You click there and slide the options that will appear there until you reach the section Privacy settings.

Similarly, the section is characterized by having a padlock icon. You do click on the option ‘who can see this video’ and select ‘private’. In this option you can also disable comments and the option of duets.

Can a Private Tiktok video be deleted? – How to do it?

We locate ourselves in our profile and select the video that we want to delete. In the three white dots that will appear, click on the option Privacy settings.

A lot of options will appear, we just have to do click on the one that says delete. Then a warning box will appear on our screen, we touch delete again. And voila, the video will be removed from your TikTok profile.

Is it true that Tiktok penalizes you for deleting uploaded videos?

TikTok you penalized for duplicate content. But not for deleting videos that you uploaded, since these contain copyright and therefore you are the owner of each one of them.

However, you can be penalized for ‘hate speech’‘. This lies in criticism made by this platform towards political issues. As well as for identity theft or for promoting sexual content.

In the same way your account can be removed if you promote racist content. Or failing that TikTok detects that you are using someone else’s account.

delete tiktok videos

What happens if a video is deleted from TikTok?

Automatically this will disappear from your profile. And in some cases if you want to upload it again you can be penalized as account suspension. And in serious cases such as non-compliance with its rules, your account can be irreversibly deleted.

This with the purpose of ensure a safe and accessible social network. In addition to varied content that allows users to have fun at any time of the day.

How to delete all Tiktok videos at once?

To delete all the videos from TikTok without losing the followers of your profile, there is a method that consists of deleting the videos one by one. However, you can also delete your account and then create another without any problem.

For this you go towards fit and privacy. And then to manage accounts, then we select the option to delete account. The app will give you information and warnings about what can happen if you delete your account. After reading it, click on the red button that says continue. After this, you write the verification code that will arrive on your cell phone and click on delete account.

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