How to Enable and Use New TikTok Pro Account? – Activate it that easy

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TikTok is one of the applications that has emerged today, it focuses on the creation of short videos of 15 seconds. These can be commented on and edited with music, or other types of sound, filters, stickers, effects, and many more options. To then share them in an account. But to generate income you need to enable and use Tiktok pro account

Despite having been aimed at teenage users in the beginning. Nowadays It is even used commercially. counting on users who have two TikTok accounts at the same time on the same mobile, one personal and one professional.

When we enter the application just for fun or for the first time, we usually create a personal account. In which we only share various content with family and friends. This without paying importance to the number of reactions or visits received and little little by little we are creating content in order to increase followers.

What is a TikTok Pro account?

Like the basic accounts on this platform, the professional accounts are for recording videos of a maximum of 60 seconds. However the videos on a pro account they should be uploaded in greater quantity and more frequently. Pro accounts on TikTok are monetized accounts that allow users who have a certain number of subscribers to generate money.

What is a Pro account on TikTok for?

With pro accounts, you can find out which video is performing best and which is generating more money. The pro accounts allow people to work on this application and generate enough resources to have a good quality of life.

This type of account is created for all those users who wish to have a professional profile in this social network offering various tools for content creators. A TikTok pro account along with other requirements can help you monetize your TikTok account, that is, turn your account into a source of income.

create account or login to tiktok mobile

Currently in this social network are influencers and brands seeking to achieve a position within the population that occupies the platform. For them, the option of create a pro account or professional, this type of account offers its subscribers the statistics of the channel it manages. Thus allowing them to make the most of this resource and providing key information to improve their positioning.

Allows you to have a profile with personalized URL

When you go from a normal account to a pro account, TikTok allows you to have a custom URL or link. This URL can be modified when the professional account is created. Once you have written the personal data, you will find your URL and you can edit it to your liking.
Later you can access it from your profile on the me button, then you enter edit profile. In this window you will find the personal data and below the username appears the link of your channel.

Gives you access to special metrics

Some special stats include the demographic split of your account numbers. In this way, it indicates in which country one of your videos is being watched the most or the demographic distribution of your followers.
Similarly, this application indicates the growth or decline of the videos in the last 7 days. I mean, yes some old video starts to be seen or if a video that was being watched begins to decline in visits

In some cases users manage more than one account within the platform, so this type of information is very useful to know in detail all the activity within the social network. At the same time, with the use of Internet social network managers in which you can focus your attention on the information that is most relevant to you, such as the number of followers, trending videos, hours of interaction by followers, etc.

TikTok pro accounts offer statistics on up to three different accounts. and currently enabling your pro account on this platform is free. The statistics shown have a minimum period of 7 days and a maximum of 28 days, so what you will see will be included in these periods of activity.

create pro tiktok account from mobile

You can set an automatic reply message

automatic messages they can only be programmed when you choose the pro account to be for companies. This option based on the fact that people who are interested in a company’s products quickly receive a predetermined message.

Automatic messages are create based on keywords. So that when customers inquire about specific items, they receive an automated message specific to the product they inquired about. Please note that before scheduling messages, the content of the message will be reviewed by TikTok. This to ensure that the message complies with the platform’s guidelines.

What metrics does the TikTok Pro account show?

By enabling and using analytics in your account, TikTok displays normal analytics for any social network. Since it offers you to have control of the number of people who comment, those who react and those who share the videos. It also shows you the gender as a percentage of your channel’s followers.

3 basic tabs will be presented, a summary where the number of views of your videos will be presented. In addition, the visits to your profile and the number of followers. Another content section where the videos you have shared will appear, as well as the option to create a new video. Finally, the list of followers will be presented, showing their characteristics such as location, gender, activity, and the most viewed videos.

enable pro account on tiktok mobile

How to see the statistics of a TikTok Pro account

Then enable the pro account on TikTok, to see the statistics of your account You must enter your profile. Then, you have to press the three points in the upper tab next to the profile photo of your account.
Later, you will see a new window where the statistics section will already be included. entering it, you will find the complete analysis of the numbers generated by your TikTok account.

Differences from a normal account to a Pro account (advantages and disadvantages)

The main difference between both accounts is that the professional shows the statistics of the general activity of the account. While the normal one does not show as much data, only comments and reactions. Another difference is the monetization, since pro accounts are designed for you to generate money through content. So you can also see how much money you are making on this platform.

The great advantage of enabling the pro account on Tiktok is that you can see the income you are making. While the biggest disadvantage is that you have to spend a lot of time on it. Since you have to constantly upload videos to gain more and more followers

change your personal tiktok account for a pro account from your mobile

How to change your normal account to a Pro account

For switch from having a personal account to enabling a Pro account in TikTok we must enter the TikTok application. First we will then access the configuration menu located in the upper right, we locate the option to manage account and we will access it. There, at the bottom of the displayed options, the option to change to a Pro account will be presented.

We will select the option change our personal account and convert it to a Pro account, now we choose the category and include our e-mail and phone number. Upon receipt of the four-digit verification code, we will include it in the account and with this we complete our registration as Pro users.

The categories that you can choose when changing your normal account to pro account, son Author or company. Company accounts are for corporations looking to offer their products through this platform. Whereas author accounts are for content creators looking to generate revenue from their videos.

In the next window, you will have to specify the type of content to be uploaded to your channel in addition to your gender. Then the platform asks you to edit the data of your biography and to create the personalized link of your account

Once the account change has been made, we will proceed to perform account settings based on our preferences. Then we will find a section called statistics, in this, we can view different types of analysis in various sections. As expected, in order to enjoy all the functions we must update all the applications to keep our account working properly.

Something you should keep in mind in case you want to change your personal account for a professional or Pro account in order to monetize it or generate income. It is that you must have a minimum of followers, so before changing your account it would be convenient to achieve this task.

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