How to Like Instagram Messages with a Like? – Other options

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Chatting on Instagram has become a trend thanks to the multiple functions that it has the platform. With it you can send voice notes, videos and images without any problem and without having to be subject to a file size limit.

Also, the best thing about Instagram messaging is that you can already send messages from Instagram to Messenger and also from Messenger to Instagram. Now with the DM who is the client of instagram instant messagingyou can like certain messages and also place other types of reactions.

to learn to like instagram posts You just have to pay attention to all the indications that we will give below.

What kind of reactions are available for Instagram private messages?

On Instagram not only the reaction is available “I like”, there are also other reactions, but you may not know about them because the one you use the most is the Like. These are: the reaction of an emoji with red hearts in the eyes, the reaction of an emoji with a laughing face, the reaction of an emoji of both hands clapping, the reaction of an emoji with a surprised face and the reaction of an emoji with a figure of fire.

instagram on smartphone

The reactions mentioned above are the ones on messages and are also available to be placed on other people’s stories. Whenever you want, you can also use these emojis to react to people’s stories that you follow on your Instagram account, later we will show you how to do such a thing.

It should be noted that you can link your Instagram account with your TikTok account, so you can share the content of both platforms. In addition, you can also create a video with music and then mount it on your story.

How can you react to an Instagram message?

To react to a message within the App there is a certain process. This process may change depending on the device from which you are connected to your Instagram account. Next, we will show you how to react to Instagram messages from the website and from the App compatible with iOS and Android.

With your Android and iOS device

Reacting to Instagram messages from one of the mobile applications is much easier than from the instagram platform. Open the App on your mobile and search for the conversation you have with the person to whom you want to react to the message and open it.

iPhone with Instagram

Finally, press and hold the message you want to react to and then choose whether to Like it or use another reaction. In order for the reaction to appear to the other person, it is necessary that you have a good internet connection. If your internet connection is slow, the reaction will still be placed but it will take a long time.

From the website

In the case of those who browse and chat on Instagram using a computer, the process to react to a message on Instagram is the following that we will mention. First, open the browser on your computer, enter the official instagram portal and proceed to log in to your account. Second, enter the messages section and within the DM, look for the chat of the person to whom you want to react to the message.

Third and last, hover your mouse over the message you want to react to and left-click it twice to bring up the reaction. Now, with this you can put a heart to the messageif you want to add some other type of reaction to the message, then press the three-dot icon next to it and choose the reaction that you will add.

If your internet connection is stable and fast, the feedback will be posted immediately. It should be noted that Instagram has a feature that allows you to see all the posts to which you have reacted.

using Instagram from the web

How can you send a private reaction on your friends’ Insta Stories?

Previously, we told you how to add a reaction to Instagram messages. Now we will explain how to react to another person’s photos from the stories section. The process to be executed is a bit simpler than the one used in the case of messages, but without a doubt it is necessary that you follow all the instructions that we will give you very carefully.

Using the mobile app

Instagram reactions for stories are easier to place, you just have to locate yourself in that person’s story, press the smiley face emoji and choose the reaction you will place. It’s easy to react to stories with the Instagram App.

From your Windows PC or Mac

To react to other people’s story images, you need to log in to your account. Then there in the main Instagram window you will look for the person’s story, press the smiley face icon and choose the reaction. Now, the multiple reactions to place on the story should appear there.


Press the one you want and to make sure it was placed successfully, exit the story and re-enter it. If the reaction was not placed check your internet connection and react again.

How can you see who has reacted to your Instagram story?

You should look for the reactions section. Then click on “viewed” and there you should see a bar at the top that says “Answers”.

There in answers, it will be shown the profile picture of the person, their name and the reaction they placed on the photo or video of your story.

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