How to Report a YouTube Channel to Get Closed

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Table of Contents

There is a lot of content on YouTube that could considered inappropriate, but there are ways to report them and here I will show them to you, remember to download and update the YouTube application so that it becomes easier for you to file complaints. You have the right to report any content that you consider inappropriate, this process is anonymous, but it should be noted that submitting the complaint to the video will not be immediately removed from the platform.

They will review it to confirm if it violates the youtube community rules, if necessary an age restriction is integrated. In the video player menu you will select the option to reportdoing so will show you a menu in which you will have to choose the reason why you report the video, then you will get a message confirming your complaint.

The YouTube platform, every day, 24 hours a day, is aware of the videos that are reported, after these videos are uploaded to the platform. you can report them at any time and the personnel in charge of the platform will be in charge of carrying out a review, if they do not find any type of problem, the video will remain on the platform regardless of the number of complaints made.

For what reasons can I report a channel?

If you find a video showing the death or a serious accident of a family member and you want it to be deleted, you can communicate through the web form, this platform tries as much as possible to respect the wishes of relatives when they deal with videos with this type of subject. However, the public or journalistic interest must be taken into account.

You can report a playlist; you go to the playlist in question, locate the option that indicates more on the right at the top of the screen, select it, then press where it says report playlist and send it. Report a thumbnail: you go to the thumbnail you are going to report, under it is the word more press there and the option to report will appear, select the reason for your complaint and click on report.

denounce or report comments as spam on youtube

Report a comment: if a significant number of users report a comment as spam, it will not be shown, but will remain hidden under a link with a text that will say “marked as spam”, if your intention is to see the comment, click on “show link” the user uploading the video can unmark a comment marked as spam, this option allows the YouTube community to report comments on videos that are uploaded or watched.

Improper use of this “Report Spam or Abuse” feature may result in you not being allowed to use YouTube. Report a live chat message: users of the YouTube platform they can report any message they send you in the middle of a live broadcast that they deem inappropriate.

You go to the message that you want to report, you will select the one that is below the comment. As soon as you select the option to report, you will get that you put the reason for your complaint. If you cleared your search history and can’t get what you were about to report, I recommend you write down what the video was about and you might find it again.

What do I have to do to get a YouTube channel removed?

If the problem is your own or you are representing a client, you will go to the video playback page, select a three-point menu that is below the video, select report, then click ‘infringes my rights’ and you will select your problem. There you will see some options of what your inconvenience could be, if it is not any of these, select another legal claim.

report a video on youtube for violating usage and copyright policies

Tea A form will appear, which you will fill out and send in order to speed up the claim process, it is recommended not to do it by mail or fax, but by the web form. You should not exceed the use of these forms because they could cause your YouTube account to be closed, if this happens you could look for other alternatives to the YouTube platform.

How many complaints remove a video?

For what YouTube remove the video automatically, at least 10 users are required to report the content. You should know that before this happens, the platform will send a series of warnings to the owner of the channel.

This in order that delete the reported content, in case this does not happen, the platform will delete it. This process does not take long, so you will have to wait at least two days after making the reports.

In cases where there is a massive number of complaints, the process will be much faster. A determining factor will be the reason for the complaints, so the serious reasons such as copyright They will be served faster.

How to report copyright

Copyright Complaints or copyright are made in the complaints bar above. You will only have to mark the rights section, here you will have to fill out the form based on the fact that this video has content that belongs to you.

closed youtube channel
This is done in cases where the person I have not asked permission to use the content, or not specify its source. In such a way that the content is presented as its own.

What happens if you win the complaint?

If it is possible to demonstrate that the content violates any of the rules of the platform, two things will happenone to the channel and one to the video.

with the video

The video will have to be deleted of the platform, for this an email will be sent to the owner of the channel informed what has happened. In case of a refusal, the video will be removed automatically using the algorithm of the page.

What about the channel?

The channel, on the other hand, will receive a warning or ‘strike’ by YouTube. If the channel accumulates three of these strikes, the channel will be permanently removed from the site.

How to report a channel that has no videos

To report a channel that does not have videos, what we will have to do is go to the channel. Then, we will have to look for the ‘more information’ section, here is usually the contact information. Once here, what remains is to look for the flag icon and click.

Doing so will display a submenu in which we will be able to denounce several things of the channel like your photo or header. In this case, since we want to report the user completely, we will have to mark the last option ‘report user’.

Once we mark this option we will have to fill out a form of multiple options. It is important to select the option that corresponds and not any random one. It should be noted that we can report the user for privacy, violence, spam and copyright. Additionally, if it is not any of these options, we can mark the last option to describe the complaint in our own words.

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