How to Sign in, Register and Enter YouTube in Chrome without Google Account Free, Easily

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Table of Contents

YouTube is the most important website on the internet to watch and share videos. Anyone in the world with an internet connection can create a YouTube account and post videos for free or even without an account anyone can easily access and view the videos. In this article we will explain the different ways to log in to YouTube.

This platform was born in 2005 and from there, YouTube became something indispensable in our lives, either to learn, have fun or know how some things work, and although you probably think you know everything about this platform, I assure you that at least you did not know a couple of things that I will tell you continuation.

Like for example a billion is the number of users who watch videosmovies or simply listening to music is YouTube becoming the best network of all, this means that almost 14% of the total population of the world uses this platform at least once a month.

youtube create account

300 hours of videos are uploaded Youtube every minute that means that at the end of a single day approximately 432,000 thousand hours of video have been uploaded 18000 days or 1182 years of video in just one day.

Within this phenomenon we must give importance to the youtuberswhich are users who have obtained many visits and sympathies by uploading content of different styles and aimed at different audiences.

On the contrary, there is a large sum of people who only visit the page to observe the new content that they see. youtubers They have stepped onto the platform.

Steps to follow to log in to YouTube

Although as I said before, anyone can access the YouTube platform to watch the videos without having an account, enjoy the videos and the music what else do you like. However, all the benefits that this page offers are only possible when you are logged in on this page.

But don’t worry, it’s nothing to write home about, in the following guide we’ll explain in detail how to log in to Youtube as well as how to solve problems that could usually appear.

set up youtube account

1. Login with my username

today you can’t access your account on YouTube using username and password. Then perform the following steps:

  1. As a first step enter the internet from your trusted browser and in the address bar copy: After entering the main page, sign in to your Google account as usual.
  2. If you don’t have an account Google you must create it.
  3. How? Enter the internet from the browser of your choice and copy in the address bar: this address will take you to another window in which you must enter your YouTube username with your password. Then click on “claim channel”.

It’s simple, you will have your session with your username, and simultaneously you have synced to your Google account which will be the one you use to enter the video platform.

2. Sign in with my email address

If you want to log in Youtube Using your email, enter the internet from the browser of your choice and copy your main address into the address bar, which is:

  1. After they are inside their main page, locate the cursor and click on “LOG IN”. Which will take you to the login window.
  2. Being already in this page copy address email you used to link with Google, and then type in “FOLLOWING” to be able to continue.
  3. Finally, the platform will ask you to enter the password which is linked to your Google account and click on “FOLLOWING”.

After following each of the steps mentioned above you will already be inside the YouTube page, which will help you enjoy all the benefits that this platform brings to you, such as: Subscriptions to new channelsgive like, make comments among other things.

How to log in without Google account?

For Signing in to YouTube is you must have an account Google Why? YouTube requires to have associated an email or a telephone number to maintain the unification of its services.

Despite this, you can exclude from enter your google account to enter the platform. How?

  1. Enter the internet from the browser of your choice by placing in the address bar place the cursor and enter “LOG IN” as if you were starting in the usual way.
  2. Then, in the pop-up window, instead of entering your email, use the telephone number that you have associated in your registration to the Google account. Once you have done the above, click on “FOLLOWING” immediately copy the password of the account and press again “FOLLOWING”.

In this way, you will be able to enter YouTube without having to use Google email, although it is important to note that if it is essential to have a Google account.

you can enter youtube

FAQ: Problems accessing or signing in to YouTube

Technology is never exempt from presenting some type of inconvenience and in this little tutorial we will try to answer some of the most common doubts and errors when we use the YouTube platform.

I forgot my password and I can’t access YouTube

One of the most common problems is forgetting the password from your Google accountbut do not worry that you solve it very quickly.

First, enter the internet from the browser of your choice by copying the following URL into the address bar: immediately choose the option “LOG IN” as you always do.

When you find that page, write down your e-mail which we use to join the platform and click on the button “FOLLOWING”.

In this option, click on the option, ¿Have you forgotten your password?”, then Google will ask you to put the last key you remember.

If you remember any, copy it and click on “FOLLOWING” if you do not type the option “Try another way” and so the system looks for your associated mobile phone to confirm your identity.

Either way you choose, the system will send you to another menu to confirm your identity. Type in “Yes” and you will receive a notice on your phone that you will have to click on “YES” to be able to continue.

Already in the computer, a menu appears to enter a new password and confirm it. It is recommended that you write it down in a safe place so that in case of forgetting you do not waste time in these steps.

I forgot my email to login to my YouTube channel

Enter the internet from the browser of your choice by placing the following in the address bar:, This address will take you to the Google account recovery option, that is, also to the YouTube one.

When the page takes you to that option, click “Have you forgotten your email?”. A new window will appear where you must choose or use the email address that is associated to recover account or, in the same way, choose the phone number associated with the Google account. Although you can choose either of the two options, it is recommended that you choose the second option and then click on “FOLLOWING”.

immediately enter the name as the surnames that you used for your registration in this way Google can enter your user account, then click on “FOLLOWING”.

The system will inform you of send a code message to your phone. Press “SEND” so that the code can reach your mobile which you must copy in the window that has appeared, it is important to note that you only have to place the numbers because the G is entered by default, then click on “FOLLOWING”.

Then it will come outto Google account that you had forgotten the email, then continue entering the password to give yourself access to the platform.

Requirements to access my YouTube account

requirements to access youube account

Although this point has already been discussed in the previous steps, it is important to remember that the only way to access your YouTube account is through linking to a YouTube account. Google account.

Also, it is always recommended to remember the email and password to enter the platform and thus not run the risk of forgetting it and wasting time doing all the steps to recover it.

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