What is the Room Tool on Facebook for? – Know its Functions

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Facebook has revolutionized the world of technology, and now it has wanted to venture into the world of group video calls, so it launched its Messenger Rooms application, which allows you to enter a video call room with 50 people.

At the same time, you can not only enter to pay your friends, but you can also make group video calls to them just like WhatsApp, For these reasons, today we are going to explain in more detail what it consists of, and how you can use it.

How to enter a room on your Facebook?

To be able to enter a Facebook room, you must wait that the host or administrator of the room, I sent you a link, or I invited you to the meeting to later be able to enter it, and enjoy the meeting.

How to create your video conference room on Facebook?

In order to create the room Facebook video conference, you have two options, a do it directly from the page Facebook website or the other do it from your mobile application. Later located at the bottom where you will find the option to publish a camera status where it says rooms (🎥), then you must follow the steps that we are going to describe below:

how to create your video conference room on facebook

theme selection

After you have been in the room option you can choose a specific topic that is, place the theme of what the room is going to be, in the option that says place name.

Invitation to users

After choose the theme and time who you want to start in that room, you must choose which people can enter that meeting.

Share room link

When you already have the people who are going to participate in the room; you just have to hit start room, and automatically will start at the exact time you set it, but if you don’t want to schedule the meeting, you can do it right away, and the meeting will start, more, however.

It is also important to clarify that there are some adjustments, which are used to choose who can enter the room apart from the people you have already chosen.

To configure this, you go to the part where the (⚙) is, which is located at the top of the room options, then you go to settings and there you will find the options, What do you have to share your room?

On the other hand, just like in WhatsApp you can take a screenshot of your video calls; in this case you can do the same with Messenger Rooms, toyes you can have evidence that you attended that meeting, or have a memory of your reunion with your friends.

What is the maximum number of people that can enter a room?

What is the maximum number of people that can enter a room?

Just like the Zoom app, allows you to make rooms to teachwith a capacity of people of maximum 100, but if you add another 3 more people, the meeting will end in 40 minutes, if you have the basic plan, on the other hand, in Messenger Romms, only 50 people are allowed to enter the room.

Apart from this, the difference between these two is that in Messenger Rooms, you do not need to have an account to join to it, since only with the invitation link to the meeting you can access it, from anywhere where you are.

What is a room created on Facebook for?

The rooms created by Facebook, they are an imitation of Zoom rooms. Since Facebook has always wanted to be the first in everything related to connecting with people, that is why it is seeking to imitate large industries, that is why we are going to explain in detail what these rooms are for and how you can use them:

Create meetings

This function of Messenger Rooms, was created precisely for this to create meetings or video conferencesin which more than two or three people can meet to discuss a common topic, or simply meet to talk among friends.

Since we are going through a great global pandemic, we cannot gather everyone in the same roomthis is a good alternative to meet everyone, and maintain biosecurity measures, against COVID-19.

Alternative of other Applications

Other alternatives besides Messenger Rooms and Zoom, We can also find platforms such as Skype, which was the pioneer in this type of calls and now allows you to create group video calls, we also have WhatsApp that allows us to create video calls with our friends that we have saved in the list of our contacts .

What is a room created on Facebook for?

make presentations

Apart from what has already been mentioned, not only can you make a video call, to talk to your colleagues or have a meeting, it also allows you to make a presentation of your work or photos that you want to share with the people who participate in the room.

What to do to share your screen in the Facebook room?

In order to share your screen, to the people who connect to the virtual meeting, you must first wait for the participants enter the meetingthen you must slide the screen up and you will find in the last option where it says share screen; after that a notice will appear where.

Messenger notifies you that the screen of your phone will be shared with the other members of the meeting, which you will give him to confirm that yes.

How to delete the room created on your Facebook?

when all have been disconnected from the room, and you are not inside it either, you can enter your Facebook profile again; and you are going to give him where the name of the room is.

Once you’re there, Messenger will notify you that participants will not be able to enter to said salt until you start the meeting again, above this notice, you will find several options that appear below your profile picture where it says end room, later you will give it there, and in this way the room will end.

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