YouTube: Broadcast Live From a Mobile with a Front Camera

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If you are part of the YouTube community, you created a channel to share or upload videos, and you are looking to get or gain subscribers, it is convenient that you use the modality of live broadcasts since you have the platform. For this, your mobile is ideal, since it allows you to make a video at any time and in any place, giving you the opportunity to increase your audience.

Requirements to broadcast live on YouTube from a mobile

To broadcast live on one of the most famous platforms on the internet you must meet some requirements such as having a verified YouTube account and having more than 1,000 followers to stream from mobile devices, if you have fewer subscribers you can stream from a computer or webcam. On the other hand, it is necessary that the channel does not have any non-compliance with the rules, blockages or copyright problems, otherwise the option to broadcast live will be blocked.

Steps to create a direct on YouTube

To create a direct on YouTube you just have to follow a few simple steps and meet the requirements indicated by the platform. Is important to check if the content to show may or may not violate any rule, in this way avoid sanctions and be able to carry out the transmission successfully.

Create an account

To create an account on YouTube You must go to the main page of the platform, in the upper right corner click on log in, then on create account, choose between the options: for me or to manage my business, fill in the requested information and finally, accept the terms and conditions to create the account. After following these steps you will need to verify your account using a personal mobile number.

transmit from mobile

Customize the profile

To customize the profile from mobile, you must enter the YouTube app, press on your profile picture, in the menu that will be displayed, choose the option your channel and then edit your channel. When making the necessary changes, click accept to update the new configuration. To customize it from a PC, you must enter your YouTube account, go to the menu on the left side, select the ‘customize’ option, where several options will be displayed for you to customize it as you like.

Login to YoutubeStudio

To enter this configuration you just have to go to the menu from home page of YouTube and click on the YouTube Studio option, a new settings tab will open where you can see your channel, change channels, see the analytics of your videos, settings, among other options and tools.

Choose to broadcast live

First you must access the main menu, choose the YouTube Studio option and select the option to broadcast live, then enter the data that is requested for the transmission such as video tags, age range, description, among others and verify them, in this way you can transmit as long as comply with the rules of the platform. All data must be real and consistent with the content of the video.

Validate transmission data

Some of the information that you are asked for for the transmission is the title of the video, if you want the video to be public or private, date and time programming, also in the more options section you can add a description for your video, choose a suitable category to content, specify the camera model, configure age restriction, among other options. Before you start broadcasting YouTube will show you a preview window of how the video would look with the data you entered, so that you can finally validate the information.

start streaming

When you validate the information you will be able to start the live broadcast without any problem By pressing the button to broadcast live, you must be aware of the camera not blurring, being heard well and of the comments of the live chat, in case it is active.

stream live youtube

How to set up a live stream from your cell phone

To broadcast live from a mobile device you must open the app, go to the bottom, look for the create option and then the option to broadcast live. If this is your first time using this option on your mobile device, may take up to 24 hours to activate the option to transmit, after enabling you can use it as many times as you want.

Are there restrictions when streaming live on YouTube?

To stream live you must not have any restrictions in the last 90 days, otherwise the option to do so will not appear. You should also consider not infringing copyright with the content you show, since it may be reported and blocked on the platform, if this happens you will not be able to perform live.

How can I start a stream on YouTube using OBS

To transmit from OBS you must download the program from the main page, configure the input and output options, then go to the menu on the left side to be able to configure the audio, cameras, what to show on the screen, among others, the changes that do you must save it by clicking the apply option.

To go to transmit you must enter the Steam option, in this section you must select the YouTube or YouTube Gaming option in the drop-down menu, then you must enter the password that it asks for, you will get it in your YouTube account with the live broadcast created in the settings tab, you only have to copy and paste in the OBS section. When you have all these settings you can broadcast live from OBS from the section on the bottom right. Remember that you must select to broadcast and have the video public in the YouTube settings.

Is it possible to make a direct on YouTube and Facebook at the same time?

To broadcast on YouTube and Facebook at the same time you can use the OBS program, since you can open two windows at the same time and for different options. This will allow you to make live broadcasts on both platforms, to achieve this you just have to configure the account as indicated above and be able to enjoy this useful tool.

stream live on youtube

How to use the front camera of my phone to make live videos?

Currently cell phones have very good quality cameras, with which we can transmit a video with the same quality as a professional camcorder. At the beginning of the launch of this modality, only users with a certain number of subscribers were allowed to use it, but today is available to any user you want to use it on your account.

This function is available both on the application’s website and in its mobile version. So we’ll see how create live broadcasts on mobile devicesto start we will open the YouTube application on our device, once you enter the application, you must press the capture button found in the top bar of YouTube.

Then you must locate and select the option to broadcast live, you will have to configure the title that you will give to the transmission, we will go to the next tab where you can set the type of audience that can access to the broadcast and view the content. Once this is done, you select the settings and configuration menu, it is the one represented by a gear and it is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

In this we will find the address of the link of our transmissionwhich we can share with our contacts, or subscribers, it can also be configured to activate or not the chat to interact with the audience, if the content requires age restrictions, they can be configured in this section in the same way as paid promotions, in case you want to integrate them.

Once all the emission and transmission configuration of our video has been made, we select next to obtain the thumbnails that we will add to the streamwhen we have everything ready we will mark the option to broadcast live that is located at the bottom of the screen, with this the video will start broadcasting.

While you are broadcasting the live video, you can change the camera you are using to broadcast by pressing the camera button located in the bottom corner left of the device, you will also have the options menu. Remember that it is identified by the three vertical points, in this you can activate the flash, share, hide the chat or mute the transmission. When you finish transmitting the video, just press the end button to close the live broadcast.

Can live streams be scheduled on YouTube?

In the same way that a video can be programmed in the YouTube account from the mobile to choose the moment in which we want it to be published in our account, allowing us to advance many of the activities related to publishing a video and that by doing it in a hurry they can come out bad, too you can schedule a live stream.

do live with front camera

Let’s remember that, when scheduling an event, the YouTube channel sets a timer that counts down the remaining time until the activity is executed and that this causes a climate of interest in our subscribers to know what it was about. To achieve this we will access the YouTube application, press the capture option located at the top from the screen.

Once we enter we look for the live streaming sectionwe create and place the title of our transmission, in this we locate the more actions button where we will activate the box to schedule for later, here we can choose the start date and time of our transmission.

Once configured, we will access the next tab, where we will make the thumbnail captures for the transmission, to finish we just press ready. On the day of the transmission we entered in capturingbroadcast live and from there in calendar, we select the scheduled broadcast and click on broadcast live.

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